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Interface introduction after logged

1)The info of user name and Balance as well as [Recharge] button are displayed at the top of the interface. Click [Recharge] to go to the recharge center to recharge.
2)The [Setting] and [Notification message] button are displayed in the upper right corner.
3)A button is displayed above the menu bar,the menu is expanded by default, Click the button to collapse the left menu.
4)The left menu bar, including [Render Task], [User center] and [Use Guide]
5)Customer service: Click on [Customer service] to contact online customer service for consultation.


Click [Setting] in the upper right corner to open the settings panel:

1.Result path: you can set the rendering result save path, the default is automatically save after rendering is completed; 
2.Launch settings: set [run client when start-up], your XRENDER client will automatically start when the computer is turned on.
3.Plugin settings: [check plugins] to check whether the plugin is installed successfully;view the installed plugins through [check plugin list] .
4.Time warning: The rendering time threshold can be set. The default timeout threshold is 2 hours. Set [warn when timeout], When the setting time is exceeded, the timeout flag will display as a reminder; Set [warn and cancel when timeout] When the setting time is exceeded, the timeout flag is displayed and the rendering task will be automatically canceled. 
5.Language settings: XRENDER support Chinese and English, each time of language change will apple after re-login .