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The purpose of building this forum is to bring together XRENDER users, share work and experience, exchange ideas and thoughts. We hope all members of XRENDER family can treat different preferences and opinions kindly and rationally. In the same time, we must respect the privacy and personal space of each other.


Please read all the rules before you start using our forum:


XRENDER does not accept:


1. Discrimination and hate speech against race, state, ethnicity, religion, gender, age, geography, sexual orientation, and physical characteristics;


2. Indecent words, personal attacks, intentional harassment and malicious use;


3. Topics in pornography, radical politics, and ideology.



XRENDER does not allow:


1. Acts and content (related policies and regulations) that violate the laws and regulations of China or the user's location;


2. Behaviors that threaten others or the user's own personal safety and legal security;


3. Content that is potentially threatening to the operational safety of XRENDER;


4. Do not post commercials that are not licensed by XRENDER


5. For other users who are not friendly, the main performance is:


Disdain: Depreciate and despise others and their labor.


Slander: Fabricating, spreading false facts and damaging the reputation of others.


Taunt: To irritate others by revealing or describing others or their actions in a metaphorical, exaggerated, or insulting manner.


Provocation: Infuriating others in an unfriendly way, intent to make the other party respond to their own statements and deliberately create trouble.


Shame: Degrading the ability, behavior, physiology, or identity of others to embarrass the other person.


Vituperation: Negative evaluation of others in uncivilized language.


Discrimination: An attack or classification based on the nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, age, region, and physiological characteristics of others.


Threat: Promising to force others to obey their will with bad consequences.



Picture policy:


1. Do not upload photos or pictures that involve the privacy of others, obscenity, violence, blood, violation of national laws and regulations, and potential threats to the operation of the website;


2. You are responsible for the copyright of the uploaded photos or images, and the website does not assume any third party liability and legal risks.


3. Violation of the rules of use and the actual complaints of users, XRENDER may delete the content you posted, and retain the right to process your account;


4. This rule applies to all images in this forum.




Report processing flow

1. Reporting: Users can report bad behavior in the forum according to the rules.


2. Processing: We will artificially determine whether the content violates the regulations and handle it according to the judgment result.


3. Appeal: Users who have objections to the processing results can send an email to to appeal. The appeal will be handled by Rubik's Cube. If the appeal is successful, the previous processing results will be revoked.



Violation of the User Rule

1. The first violation: delete/do not display related content. Disabled for 1 day.


2. Second violation: delete/do not display related content. Disabled for 7 days.


3. The third violation: delete/do not display related content. Permanently disable your account.


Note: Accounts during deactivation cannot publish and edit any content; after the end of the deactivation period, account usage returns to normal.


The account has the following behavior, the account is immediately disabled:


1. Mass advertising, malicious spam, Impersonating as others or XRENDER staff


2. XRENDER reserves the right to directly deactivate or cancel an account in case of special circumstances or requests from relevant government agencies.



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