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About Us

Xsuperzone Technology Co., LTD. is a high-tech enterprise founded in 2010. The company focuses on the R&D and application of vision cloud computing technology and is dedicated to delivering efficient creation experiences to global visual content creators.


Our vision

Become a global leader in visual computing industry.

Our mission

Establish an ecosystem for visual industry and bring infinite possibilities to creators.

Our value

Customer-centric, Pursuit of excellence, Work together, Striver based.


As a SAAS service platform that fully embraces the public cloud, Xsuperzone integrates industrial ecological resources, and has launched a series of products based on the industry status and user needs

XRender Client,

a cloud rendering platform for 3D content production processes.

XRender is the core product independently developed by Xsuperzone. It provides 3D cloud rendering services to 3D content creators from various visual computing industries like 3D animation, VFX, architecture design, interior design, industrial design, AR/VR, etc.

Empowered by XRender, users can greatly reduce investment in purchasing and maintaining fixed assets, and avoid the problem of insufficient work efficiency caused by low local computer configuration.
XRender Client
CG Magic

CG Magic,

the intelligent auxiliary plug-in focusing on the in-depth development of 3ds Max.

CG Magic aims to assist the 3ds Max creative process and has a rich set of built-in module. It is dedicated to helping creators simplify their workflow to the greatest extent, allowing them to focus more on creation.
CG Magic contains thousands of features, such as scene file inspection, asset management, batch object selection and editing, procedural model generation, rapid animation creation, etc. Users can obtain an exclusive 3ds Max plug-in by customizing the layout of the modules and easily enjoy an efficient creative experience.

XCloud Disk,

tool that provides users with massive cloud storage space and intelligent asset management.

XCloud Disk was launched to help users solve problems such as complex asset management and slow file transfer during production. It provides users with large-capacity cloud storage space, allowing creators to flexibly expand capacity and reduce project operating costs.
The multi-level account system based on XRender allows managers to not only monitor rendering progress, but also improve the project asset management.
In addition, XCloud Disk will intelligently restore local file paths based on the assets uploaded by users, reducing file management time and data loss risks.
XCloud Disk

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Reliably, Effortlessly, Affordably