About Xrender

Xrender(www.xrender.com) is a cloud rendering public service platform independently developed and operated by Jiangsu Zanqi Technology Co., Ltd., which is designed for multi-domain 3D content such as architectural design, VR/AR, interactive games, film and television animation, industrial design, etc. We Provide cloud rendering service to help users quickly complete rendering calculation of 3D content, animation and renderings, avoid the problem of slow rendering caused by insufficient local computer configuration, greatly improve work efficiency, reduce user's fixed asset investment cost, and provide users with flexibility and efficiency. Extremely fast cloud rendering service with unlimited expansion of massive nodes.

Xrender's products include A Xrender client specialized for for architectural home improvement design, and a Xrender client specialized for film and television animation users. New client interface, targeted professional rendering services, and extremely fast rendering experience make Xrender Gradually become the leader of the domestic cloud rendering platform. Today, Xrender, as the only legally authorized cloud rendering service platform of Unity and Autodesk, has deep cooperation with the two software vendors in various aspects such as legal authorization, education certification, technical expert exchange, and marketing activities. At the same time, Xrender has also become the sole operation and service provider designated by the Shanghai Radio, Film and Television Production Industry Association's film and television rendering public service platform to help the development of China's film and television production industry.

As a SAAS service platform, Xrender is the only rendering farm that fully embraces the public cloud. The massive nodes can be dynamically expanded. It is the largest and fastest cloud rendering service platform in China.Since its establishment, the platform has served more than 150,000 customers. The architectural design industry includes Golden Mantis, GrandLand Group, Silk Road, Crystal Stone, Shenzhen Jiaoyang, Global Digital, etc. Themed Cultural industry customers include Huaqiang Fantasia and Chinese Dinosaurs. Park, Golden Mantis Cultural industry and tourism, etc., it also participated in the rendering of a lot of film and television projects such as "Chinatown Detective Case", "Once Upon a Time", "Monkey King:Hero is Back", "Monster Hunt", "Boonie Bears" ,etc. Meanwhile, it many times provides rendering services to The national documentary "The journey of the Boulevard" and "Hua Kai Shan Dan" and serve international film and television animation companies such as Motion Makers in Southeast Asia.

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