Benefits To Use XRENDER Farm
2018-11-23 16:19:14 by xrender

The first benefit that most people notice is speed. Increasing the efficiency of the render process is always desirable. To render a simple 10 minute video in 1080p at 60fps could take multiple hours on a mid-high spec user PC. Imagine how long the render time would take for a 1 hour animation?

It’s also highly convenient if you’re rendering something on your computer. Your CPU will be working very hard to render the content. 
Meaning your computers fan will be blasting out noise, and you cannot do anything else since your CPU is fully functioning. XRENDER farm can help you solve this problem. You’ll be free to use your computer to do whatever you like whilst you wait for the rendering project to finish.

As stated above, rendering is a CPU intensive job. This comes with many risks. Your system could overheat and shut down. The task you’re rendering right now may lost. On the contrary, the task is simply handed over by XRENDER client to other computers in the cloud based render farms and the render continues if anything happened to your local PC.

XRENDER Farm continue to develop and implement the latest software solutions. 

We hope to serve you better.