Empower Digital China held by Alibaba
2018-11-23 17:07:18 by xrender

On Sep 22 2018, Xrender team was invited to the YunQi conference meeting entitled “Empower Digital China” held at Hangzhou by Alibaba. XRender has signed the agreement with the Alibaba Cloud Market to become the exclusive cloud rendering service provider. The 4-day summit has attracted more than 170 leading-edge technologies, and more than 1500 speakers had shared their thoughts of the future technology.


  The annual Yunqi Conference, as one of the largest and most influential industry events in the world has brought people the frontier technology.  As the invited guest, Dr. Jun Xie, CTO of Cudatech Development Corp. has given us a speech regarding the role of XRender in the cloud rendering industry.


  The Value of XRender for users

  Nowadays, Xrender is no longer limited to interior, architecture, animation design, but also involved in the fields of VR/AR and interactive games. After the innovation of the Xrender, we have established a long-term partnership with Unity which makes us the Unity’s global cloud rendering platform. The new client “XRender for Unity” is under development.


  CG Magic is a new product independently developed by the XRender team. It is an intelligent auxiliary plug-in dedicated to the 3ds Max software. Through CG Magic, you can achieve file version conversion, one-click intelligent scene optimization, batch intelligent management files, cross-software copy and paste, file resource repairable, MAX software optimization, virus killing and other functions. The existence of CG Magic is making the modeling work more intelligent and efficient!


 XRender and Alibaba work together to build a cloud rendering blueprint

XRender completed the deployment of public cloud systems and was fully operational. The new public cloud has a massive nodes to expand, with the most advanced technical resource allocation and 7/24 hour technical team support.


 XRender is the fastest cloud rendering service platform in China and has become the only legally authorized cloud rendering platform and strategic partner of Unity & AUTODESK.


We wish to serve you better!