Show your art & Post on our website & Win free coupon!!!
2018-11-23 17:27:49 by xrender

Hey guys! How is your trip of XRENDER?

Hope you are having a good time here~


Weve prepared a special promotion for all the XRENDERS, thank you all for the support and companionship.

Frankly, we want to collect some excellent works to show your talent and our product performance on our case page. You will also be able to post your studio name or website hyperlinks as well. And in return, we will send $5 free coupon for each image once your work is chosen.


Follow these steps to join this promotion :

1, Choose 1 or several works you completed by using XRENDER.

2, Send us your works through email: 

3, Wait for our reply.


We will get back to you in a few days.



1, Please remember to use the same email address you signed up XRENDER to contact us

2, You are responsible for the copyright of the uploaded images.

3, We will not use your work for other purposes without your consent, except put it on our website and credit will all be yours.


Happy XRENDERing!!!