10 things you need to know! About XRENDER Logo
2018-11-23 17:31:55 by xrender

You must have seen XRENDER logo everywhere on our website, but have you take a serious look about it? And what do you see?

This is the logo that the XRENDER designers took a lot of time accomplished in early 2016.


First question: What do you find in our Logo?

And how many fishes can you did you found at the first sight?


As you can see, our logo is designed based on visual illusion.

It is said that people who first see the X-shaped windmill are good at thinking with the left brain, while those who first see the fish are good at the right brain thinking. If you are able to find both at the same time, you must are good at both brains.


Besides, the fishes on our Logo also has a special meaning themself.

They are black marlin, the Fastest Fish on the planetMaximum speed can reach 129km/h.

We think it would be more than suitable for us to use this Species cause our goal is to be the fastest render farm in the world and we are not far from our goal right now!


So do you like our Logo? Comment down below tell us what do you think about our Logo!