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Cudatec Development Corp.Founded in July 2010.

Cudatec is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development and application of 3D visualization via clound based technology. After years of experience accumulation and rapid development, Cudatec is currently in the leading position in the industry, official partnership with AUTODESK, UNITY, AWS, NVIDIA etc.

With our cloud technology. We provide convenient and fast rendering services to 3D modeling users from the areas of interior design, exterior design, architecture design, film, video animation, digital creativity, etc. In this way, you can quickly expand rendering computing capabilities without geographical restrictions and hardware limitation. Improving production efficiency and shorten project rendering time.

Based on our experienced team and intellectual property rights, we operate a render farm to provide self-developed rendering services and project management services for users. We are also able to help you with customized 3D rendering solutions upon your request.

Corporate culture

Be Creative, bring you Unique solutions.
With Diligence, achieve Amazing results.
Talent and Enthusiastic team are the key to promote mutual beneficial Cooperation.

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