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Step1: best to use a wired network instead of WIFI.

Although it is convenient to use WIFI, but it’s often unstable, when the user uploads the file, If the upload is interrupted due to the unstable network, it’s possible to cause the task rendering failure. Our suggestion is to use a wired network to make sure files uploaded consistently and quickly. 

Step2:avoid using many other programs to occupy the network speed.

When using computer for important operations, in order to avoid problems such as machine jam, it is better to turn off unnecessary running programs, such as downloading, video playback software,and file transfer etc. These are also factors that will affect the stability of the user's computer network speed. Suspend these unnecessary operating procedures will make your computer's network speed more unobstructed, and help you upload rendering files at a very high speed. 

Step3:Run as administrator

XRENDER client embedded acceleration engine and XRENDER exclusive upload algorithm, is able to quickly increase the transmission speed. Users only need to run as an administrator when using the client to enable the speed upload mode. When you start XRENDER for the first time, right-click to run as administrator, you will enjoy the super acceleration mode since then. If you still are not satisfied with your speed, you can take the following measures. 

Network speed detection and repair

Details are as follows:
1. By using the XRENDER client function[Network Diagnostics] , click [Network Speed Test] to test whether your network speed is normal.
2. If the network speed is not normal, click [Network Monitoring], and the dedicated engineer will help you check the network problem and help you repair it for you.

XRENDER is the fastest public service platform for cloud rendering in China. It is the only operation and service provider designated by the Shanghai Broadcasting and Television Industry Association.
The public cloud of XRENDER has been docked with internationally renowned platforms such as Amazon AWS and Alibaba Cloud, and can realize massive node expansion. The self-developed cluster scheduling system can quickly mobilize the rendering server, multi-thread simultaneous rendering, and enjoy professional speed rendering services at a low cost.