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Little Margo Stories

Little Margo Stories is an animated short that tells the growth story of a little mole named Margo explores her underground home. It is a personal project created by art director Parinaz Shajareh together with his team, as shown below.

Creator: Parinaz Shajareh

Animation Supervisor: Sianoosh Nasiriziba

CG Supervisor: Jonathan W. Rodegher

Lighting: Guido Nicolás Luciani

Animation: Joseph Holmark, Ehsan Bayat, Karrina Hooper, Sianoosh Nasiriziba

Storyboard: Ben Choi

Modelling: Pedro Jesus Martinez de Rituerto Vida, Lautaro Abraham Gonzalez Gonzalez

Look Dev: Pedro Jesus Martinez de Rituerto Vida, Gean Carlos Gomes Vieira

Rigging: Jesús Coscolla, Inés Jiménez Alcalá

Grooming: Inés Jiménez Alcalá

FX: Noemí Durà

Music: Nicolas Stackhouse

Sound: Sianoosh Nasiriziba

The story revolves around little Marge's exploration in her underground cave. So far, two episodes have been released on its official YouTube channel @ Little Margo Stories, with the first episode: The Dandelion and the second episode: The Carrot.

Dandelions, carrots, fireflies, etc., for a curious little mind, the encounter with all new things is a wonderful moment, and all creatures can become new friends!

In addition, the creator Parinaz Shajareh has also shared some adorable concept arts about Margo in various scenes that he painted in his personal Instagram page @ parinazshajareh, and you may click and check out more about the cute Margo and his friends.

Little Margo Stories - concept arts by Parinaz Shajareh

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