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Blockade Labs has released a new sketch mode in its AI-powered 360° image generator, Skybox AI. The new sketch mode allows users to quick generate panoramic images by just draw simple lines and input prompts.


Skybox can be consider as a huge box wrapped with 360-degree images and covers the entire scene, so as to provide background setting and lighting information in 3D scenes. It is often used to create the illusion of an expansive outdoor environment to enhance the overall visual quality and realism of the virtual environment. Skyboxes are typically created using high-resolution images or procedural textures. For example, the image above is how a skybox look like when it is expanded.

And Skybox AI, it is an AI-powered tool that can be used to quickly generate panoramic images by adding prompts to describe the features of an image you want to generate, just like many other AI tools we shared before.

The sketch mode added last week introduces a new palette of tools that allows users to have better control on the shapes they want to have on the environments by drawing simple lines and combined with entered prompt.


360-degree image created with Skybox AI

The tool is now free for using, and the new sketch mode is only available on desktop computers and larger tablets. Skybox AI allows the option to download the unwrapped equirectangular skybox as a JPG. You may view the example shared by Blockade Labs above on how to use the new feature, or click here to try on your own.

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