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Maxon has announced the release of Redshift 3.5.17, the latest version of their CPU/GPU-accelerated production renderer. This latest update brings a range of bug fixes, performance enhancements, and new functionality, including a variety of improvements and new features for users of Cinema 4D, Maya, 3ds Max, Houdini, Katana, and Blender.

Redshift updated to version 3.5.17

| Updates for Various Software

--- Maya ---

One of the most notable additions to Redshift 3.5.17 is support for Maya 2024 on both macOS and Linux. This means that Maya users can now take full advantage of the latest features and improvements in Redshift, including improved rendering performance and enhanced support for complex scenes.

--- 3ds Max ---

In addition, Redshift 3.5.17 includes a number of important bug fixes for 3ds Max users, including a fix for an issue with the Bokeh depth-of-field in Optical camera mode, as well as various fixes for issues with Post FX configuration and vertex-based deformation blur.

--- Cinema 4D ---

Cinema 4D users will also benefit from a range of enhancements and fixes in Redshift 3.5.17, including experimental support for multi-threaded expansion for cloners, as well as fixes for issues with procedural projections and material previews.

Redshift 3.5.17 also includes important compatibility notes for users of Cinema 4D, with versions 3.5.14 and later not compatible with C4D 2023.0.0 or 2023.0.1. Users are advised to upgrade to Cinema 4D 2023.2.0 for ongoing Redshift compatibility. Prior C4D releases (21-26) are unaffected and are fully compatible with Redshift 3.5.14.

--- Houdini ---

Houdini users can also look forward to a range of improvements in Redshift 3.5.17, such as support for the "width" point attribute to configure the RS Strands, along with "pscale" and "strand_scale". Additionally, there are various fixes for issues with procedurals instancing code, VOP node params GUI, and portal lights transparency parameter.

--- Katana ---

Katana users will find that Redshift 3.5.17 includes support for ngons tessellation and displacement, as well as fixes for issues with Sun Lights, portal lights transparency parameter, and live rendering problems.

--- Blender ---

Blender users will also benefit from new builds for macOS, as well as improvements to the Physical Sky and Light & Ray Contribution & Scales. Redshift 3.5.17 also includes a fix for an issue with updating Environment image changes in IPR mode.

| What’s More

Other new features in Redshift 3.5.17 include a new Jitter shader node and MatCap shader node, improved support for asset resolvers in string user attributes holding asset paths, and improved display of values in edit boxes associated with slider controls in the RenderView.

In addition to the MatCap Shader node, Redshift 3.5.17 includes a new Jitter node, which makes it possible to generate color variations across large numbers of objects that use a particular material. This feature can be used to generate variation in environment assets like foliage or rocks to creating more stylized motion-graphics-style effects. The Jitter node is a powerful tool that will enable artists to create more dynamic and engaging designs.

Redshift updated to version 3.5.17

Redshift 3.5.17 also includes various bug fixes and improvements for all supported DCC host applications, such as a fix for a VRAM memory leak issue, improvements to SSS convergence speed, and a fix for a matte-shadow corruption bug.

It's worth noting that Redshift 3.0.64+ uses Optix 7.4, which requires NVidia driver version 495 or higher on Windows and Linux. Similarly, Redshift 3.0.45+ requires macOS Big Sur 11.3 or higher. If users encounter unexpected "License Mismatch" errors, they will need to update their macOS. For more details of the release, you may click here (login required) to read a full list of new features in its official site.

As a cloud render farm serving visual creators of 3D content around the world, XRender now supports all versions of Redshift. If you need more GPU computing resources to empower your project, feel free to have a free render test with XRender right away!

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