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Creation of the Gods I: Kingdom of Storms is the first work of the mythical epic film "Fengshen Trilogy", adapted from the Ming Dynasty novel Fengshen Yanyi. Director Wu Ershan and the team have conducted nearly five years of research and creation, and finally decided to adopt a trilogy structure-telling a complete story with three films, while each of the film is also an independent film to adapt, recreating the prolonged mythical wars between humans, immortals and monsters, which happened more than three thousand years ago.

Creation of The Gods I: Kingdom of Storms

| Depict Fairy Tales with Humanity

Creation of the Gods I: Kingdom of Storms kicked off the prelude to "Fengshen Trilogy" and tells the story about Yinshou, King Zhou (Fei Xiang) colluded with the fox spirit Daji (played by Naran) to be tyrannical and innocent, causing divine punishment. The Kunlun fairy Jiang Ziya (Huang Bo) went down the mountain with the "Fengshen Bang" to find the right king of the world in order to save the common people.

king of Zhou

With its excellent adaptation, director has created a group of vivid characters in a limited period of time, and it has been particularly successful in shaping the characters of Yinshou, king of Zhou, and Daji, the fox spirit. Different from the faint-hearted tyrant in the stereotype, Yinshou starred by Fei Xiang presents extraordinary personality charm. In the battle of Jizhou at the beginning of the film, Yinshou blindfolded his horse and led his army into the fire, showing extraordinary courage and aura of an emperor. While Facing the proton, Yinshou is like a PUA master, successfully brainwashed all the courages, including the hero Ji Fa, into loyal believers through his superb language skills and speaking ability.


For Daji, the film changed the traditional concept of her as "Dangerous beauty", which is the "cause of the collapse of the Shang Dynasty", and focused more on highlighting her authenticity and wildness. The newcomer actor Na Ran imitated the body movements and demeanor of the fox, and his gestures revealed the spirit of the fox without losing the sense of agility and beauty.


The film takes Ji Fa's growth as the main line, and the father-son conflict as the theme throughout. In the film, Ji Fa has two fathers: one is Yin Shou, a "big hero" whom he regards as a role model in life, and the other is Ji Chang, who brings him spiritual strength through the warmth of blood. From an ignorant boy who blindly worships his father to becoming a rebel who can tell right from wrong and has self-judgment, Ji Fa's choice process between two fathers is his growth path.

| Improve Film Industry with Ctreation

Director Wu Ershan believes that one of the bottlenecks that Chinese films most need to break through is fantasy films. Therefore, "Fengshen Trilogy" is not only a pioneering of Chinese mythological and epic film genres, but also promotes the establishment and upgrading of related film industry systems to explore more possibilities for Chinese films.

"Fengshen Trilogy" has two characteristics in terms of visual effects, huge workload and high difficulty. There are more than 1,700 visual effects shots for Creation of The Gods I: Kingdom of Storms alone, and it took nearly four years for the visual effects work from preparation to completion. For this reason, director Wu Ershan specially set up a visual effects company, Meisi Image, hoping to perfectly combine Chinese aesthetics and creativity with the world's most advanced film technology, and at the same time cultivate and find artists in different fields to complement Eliminate the missing sectors in China's film industry.

To this end, Director Wu Ershan spent 4 years and established a special effects company, MYTH IMAGE, which is responsible for the entire process of the visual effects of the series of films, polishing every shot and detail, and striving to integrate Chinese aesthetics, Chinese Creativity is perfectly combined with the world's most advanced film technology.

Lei Zhen Zi

Take Lei Zhen Zi, an important digital character in the film, as an example. As early as 2018, Director Wu Ershan led the visual effects team of MYTH IMAGE to cooperate with Andy Serkis, the world's top motion capture performance master, and started shooting experiment. After getting the concept design in 2017, the team immediately started to develop the model and movement of this character. A total of 619 material maps/texture maps, 150 million polygons for modeling, 71 faces and Body skeleton model, 184 soft tissue models, 70 tendons, 10 blood vessels that dynamically simulate blood flow, and dynamically simulated muscle system and folded skin.

Lei Zhen Zi visual effects

In order to make the characters more vivid, the team also introduced motion capture technology. They scan the whole body of the actor, make a digital double, and associate the digital double with the digital character through the tracker on the actor. What is finally presented in the film is the combination of motion capture and detailed keyframe animation.

Creation of The Gods I: Kingdom of Storms

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