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Headshot 2 is an AI-powered head generator tool that allows users to create advanced 3D real-time digital human figures from photos and 3D models.

Headshot 2 includes automatic and professional modes, which can generate low-resolution virtual avatars with 3D hair, and can also deal with high-resolution texture processing, providing rich deformation options and advanced refinement tools. Its versatility and comprehensive performance many empower many fields related to 3D character design.

| Auto Rigged Head Creation in 5 Steps

Converting different kinds of static models into fully rigged characters

Headshot 2 takes advantage of powerful AI capabilities, handles different mesh conditions through several efficient features, continuously optimizes character head shaping, and converts static models into fully rigged characters in 5 Steps:

Step 1: Automatic feature detection

Auto feature detection

Users can automatically fill in the 24 basic alignment points using the auto-detect feature, or add them manually with three pre-configured options: 24, 32 or 35 alignment points. By synchronizing camera navigation, artists can easily compare the alignment point positions of the source and target meshes.

Step 2: Add details with additional alignment points

Use extra points to add more info

The system is flexible and highly compliant by allowing additional points to be added to accommodate unique facial and body features. Whether you're sculpting stretched elf ears or a hunched character, you can do so by adding extra alignment points. Therefore, it is especially suitable when the character needs to be carefully sculpted in ZBrush and Blender.

Step 3: Generate a 3D head based on the effective area

Generate a 3D head based on the effective area

Utilizing the advanced capabilities of Headshot AI, users can quickly generate a full 3D headshot from a partial mesh and, depending on preference, choose to retain details such as the face and ears, or the entire head. Even if the scanned mesh is incomplete, Headshot AI's advanced features intelligently fill in missing parts and preserve priority areas like faces and ears.

Step 4: Refine the topology with a 3D brush.

Refine the topology with a 3D brush

Powerful 3D brushes efficiently project head shapes, smooth topology and refine edge loops. This process not only enhances the realism of the character, but also improves the performance of facial expressions, especially in the eyes and mouth area.

Step 5: Assign body shape and bake texture.

Assign body shape and bake texture

Headshot makes it easy to assign the appropriate gender or body type to the resulting head and ensures a seamless connection to the corresponding neck shape, utilizing image masking and a variety of texture baking options for professional-grade results. At any time during production, use the morph sliders to further refine the body type for even more customization.

| Highlighted Features for More Possiblities

Create great digital doubles from a variety of resources

Headshot supports the creation of meshes made by photogrammetry, digital sculpture, or moving 3D sweeps.

Create great digital doubles from a variety of resources

ü Photogrammetry

Headshot 2 takes full advantage of photogrammetry technology that offers a range of services including custom scans and professional 3D head libraries that deliver high-quality model detail and texture resolution, allowing studios to effortlessly create images for film and archviz Create and animate celebrities, game characters, and realistic crowd simulations.

ü Digital sculpture

In the media entertainment industry, digital sculptors skilled in tools such as ZBrush and Blender create high-definition 3D characters for intellectual property. Headshot simplifies the process by seamlessly converting these highly detailed models (whether they are realistic or stylized) into real-time characters.

ü Mobile 3D scanning

Mobile scanning provides a convenient and economical method for creating 3D models, but encountering inconvenient scanning conditions may cause quality damage. At this time, by selecting an effective surface, Headshot AI can overcome these difficulties, seamlessly Fill in missing areas such as ears, skulls, and necks, ensuring high-quality results.

Introducing stylized characters:

Introducing stylized characters

ü Cubic style and sharp lines

Accurately portraying the blinking eyes and iconic expressions of exaggerated eye sockets and angular outlines relies on the precise alignment of grid points and edges, which can be achieved with Headshot's unique normal baking technology.

ü Extreme neck shape

For sculpted creatures with bold designs, similarity can be achieved more easily by adding additional alignment points to define exaggerated areas such as ears and necks, specific details that also enhance the creature's otherworldly character.

| What's More


Headshot 2.0 is available for purchase from Reallusion's website. It is also available as part of the Character Creator 3 Pipeline bundle, which includes additional features and content.


The standalone version of Headshot 2.0 is priced at $299.00. The Character Creator 3 Pipeline bundle, which includes Headshot 2.0 and additional features and content, is priced at $499.00.

System Requirements:

Windows 10 (64-bit)

Intel i5 dual-core CPU or higher

8GB RAM or higher

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970/AMD Radeon R9 390 or higher graphics card

1GB free hard disk space

Note that Headshot 2.0 also requires Reallusion's Character Creator 3.3 to be installed.

Reallusion also offers a free trial of Headshot 2.0, which allows users to try out the software with limited functionality before making a purchase, you may click here to give a try.

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