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Developed by Prism Pipeline, QuiltiX is an open-source MaterialX material editor that designed to simplify the authoring of MaterialX based materials and provides artists with a powerful and intuitive node-based workflow.

| Highlights

With QuiltiX, artists can easily construct complex material networks while visualizing the results in real-time by utilizing a node-based interface. As for rendering, QuiltiX supports various renderers, including Arnold and Karma, allowing seamless integration into production pipelines.

Artist-Friendly Interface

QuiltiX puts artists at the forefront by offering a customizable and intuitive GUI. Artists can work with their preferred production renderers and receive real-time feedback while building materials. This artist-centric approach enhances productivity and creativity.

Open source

Open-Source Advantage

As an open-source project, QuiltiX benefits from community contributions and continuous improvement. It is licensed under the Apache license, enabling complete commercial use. The open nature of QuiltiX fosters collaboration and ensures its availability for artists and studios worldwide.

Pipeline integration

Pipeline Integration

QuiltiX seamlessly integrates into existing studio pipelines, making it compatible with Prism and other pipeline tools. By incorporating QuiltiX, studios can unlock additional features such as library panels and publish processes, enhancing their material creation workflow.

| Integrate QuiltiX into 3D Creation Workflow

QuiltiX interface


QuiltiX can be easily downloaded from the official Prism Pipeline website, where compiled binaries for Windows are available. For Linux and macOS, users can compile the source code available on GitHub.

Interface Overview

Upon launching QuiltiX, artists are greeted with a user-friendly interface that presents a node-based workflow. The customizable GUI allows artists to tailor the workspace according to their preferences, ensuring a personalized and efficient working environment.

QuiltiX material

Material Creation

Artists can begin creating materials by adding nodes to the graph and connecting them to construct the desired material network. QuiltiX provides a comprehensive list of nodes that can be connected to inputs, ensuring a streamlined material creation process.

Real-Time Preview

QuiltiX incorporates a built-in Hydra viewport, enabling artists to visualize their materials in real-time. This instant feedback loop allows artists to iterate quickly, making adjustments and fine-tuning materials to achieve the desired look.

Integration and Export

Once the material is finalized, QuiltiX provides options to export the finished materials for use in compatible renderers such as Arnold or Karma. This seamless integration ensures that the materials created in QuiltiX can be readily utilized in production.

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