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|About Motorica

1111Generative AI for animation

Motorica originated from an early entrepreneurial project of machine learning and animation research at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. The company's current focus is on applying cutting-edge AI technology to develop innovative technologies and tools for animators.

|AI–generated character animation

Motorica has released a new AI-generated character animation tool-MoGen, used to generate animations for animation, game development, architectural visualization, motion graphics and visual effects.

1111Looping animation

MoGen, allows users to quickly generate high-quality locomotion mixing between more than 150 styles. You can modify our preset motion paths, or create your own in any FBX-compatible software.

Motorica aims to disrupt the traditional animation market with their AI-based animation technology.

MoGen can generate customized animations for characters based on random seeds. Users can choose from existing preset styles or mix two presets.

1111Motion Blending

MoGen can make the character move in a straight line or in a loop, move forward, sideways, or turn in place; Blender and Maya users can also use custom motion paths by setting keyframes for the character's feet and uploading them to MoGen.

The completed animation can be downloaded in FBX format and imported into various DCC software and game engines for use, including Blender, Houdini, Maya, Unity and Unreal Engine.

maya and blender

MoGen runs in a desktop web browser and is currently in free beta. Motorica has yet to announce a final release date and pricing.

Interested friends can log in to Motorica's official website to register for a trial.

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