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This month, as a monumental leap forward, ByteDance recently advanced a new AI model that can generate high-quality 3D models through text prompt.

This month1

This month2

Meet MVDream, a multi-view diffusion model that is able to generate geometrically consistent multi-view images from a given text prompt, a game-changing AI model that's redefining what's possible in the realm of 3D modeling.

Meet MVDream1

Meet MVDream2

We just use a short sentence can creating high-quality realistic 3D objects. This advanced AI tool can create incredibly detailed and realistic 3D shapes from 2D images, solving common issues like the Janus problem and content drift.

The team wrote in a research paper on MVDream" We show that the multi-view diffusion model can serve as a good 3D prior and can be applied to 3D generation via SDS, which leads to better stability and quality than current open-sourced 2D lifting methods. Finally, the multi-view diffusion model can also be trained under a few shot setting for personalized 3D generation.”

research paper

Finally, let's take a look at the official results compared with other similar models:

The MVDream team collected multiple text prompts from different sources, used default fixed configurations for all prompts, and did not use threestudio software for hyperparameter adjustment. (The horizontal line is the same model, each column is the result of different technologies, and the rightmost is the latest technical result of MVDream).



an astronaut riding a horse


baby yoda in the style of Mormookiee


Handpainted watercolor windmill, hand-painted


Darth Vader helmet, highly detailed

Looking at it this way, the quality of the model generated by MVDream is obviously not a little bit higher.

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