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At 21:55 on September 23, with the entrance of the first torchbearer Ye Shiwen, the biggest suspense of the opening ceremony of the Hangzhou Asian Games began to be revealed: hundreds of millions of participants in the online torch relay are like tiny flames, gathering in Hangzhou to form a huge The "Digital Torchbearer" walked across the river, "jumped" from the sky above the "Big Lotus Flower" into the 3D screen of the scene, met with the sixth torchbearer Wang Shun, they lit the main torch tower together. The first "integration of digital and real" lighting ceremony in the history of the Asian Games has become one of the classic memories of the opening ceremony of the Asian Games.


How can the digital torchbearer "run" digital in front of a live audience?

A 185-meter-wide and 20-meter-high ultra-large IMAX stereoscopic screen was installed in the Grand Lotus Stadium. The super-burning scene of digital people passing the torch was delivered to the audience through it. The primary feature of this screen is its transparency. The designers fully considered the 30,000 viewers behind the screen. The screen has 3 million pixels, ensuring that the audience can immerse themselves in the grand and beautiful opening ceremony of the Hangzhou Asian Games.

The opening ceremony

"Technologies such as AR have allowed us to be more expressive," said Sha Xiaolan, chief director and chief producer of the opening ceremony. "We've fully integrated AR into the opening ceremony from stage design to visual lighting. This was probably the greatest incorporation of technology such as AR into something like an opening ceremony of this kind."

AR into the opening ceremony

It is worth mentioning that the Asian Games Digital Torchbearer team has used AI and other technologies to conduct tens of thousands of motion captures and drawn hundreds of thousands of design drawings, from personality face shaping, motion capture to clothing design, making the Asian Games Digital Torchbearer The number of images can reach two trillion, which can satisfy the need for global digital torchbearers to be "unique" and realize the "one-person" digital image of hundreds of millions of users.

AI users

The opening ceremony of the Hangzhou Asian Games, which marked the richest and most skillful use of augmented reality in history, has shed spotlight on the sustainable and digitally enhanced future of such gala events, according to the creative team.


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