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In today's technology-driven society, artificial intelligence (AI) has become ubiquitous, from smart voice assistants to self-driving cars, from smart home systems to medical diagnosis, from AI face-changing camera applications to AI animation production, the applications of AI changed our way of life. Especially in China, the development momentum of artificial intelligence is even more rapid. At present, China plays an important role globally in terms of investment, research, application and talent training in the field of AI.

AI in daily lives

Since 2017, Beijing Railway Station has launched a facial recognition ticket inspection system, which means "swiping your face" to enter the station, ushering in a new era of China's railway ticket inspection services. This is a life application based on AI technology. So far, facial recognition technology has been widely used in China, and is used in airports, train stations, and subway stations in most cities across the country. Compared with the traditional method of relying on staff recognition for release, the biggest advantage of face recognition is that it saves manpower and is convenient and fast.

swiping your face

This year, AI breakthroughs in the automotive field have once again made everyone feel the application of AI in life. On September 12, Huawei released the Wenjie M7, a car that demonstrates powerful autonomous driving technology. Whether it is a country road or urban road conditions, autonomous driving can easily handle it. This model is equipped with Huawei's intelligent driving system. With the maturity of AI technology and the stability of its computing power base, Huawei is committed to building a solid computing power base in China and building a second choice for the world.


With the continuous expansion of AI technology, AI live streaming has also begun to develop. Research shows that short videos have developed widely in China in recent years, and platforms such as Douyin and Kuaishou have become popular apps. Compared with high-cost anchors, AI live streaming reduces costs and does not involve personal emotions.

AI live streaming

In the future, AI will continue to surround our lives. In the era of digital economy, "data + computility + algorithm" has become the underlying driving system of artificial intelligence. AI involves large amounts of data and complex algorithms, and privacy protection and data security are important issues. These issues require further refinement and improvement in the future. As AI technology continues to develop and innovate, we can expect more exciting applications to enter our daily lives.

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