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Now the rise of Chinese comics, artists are trying different innovative styles. Two interesting animated short films demonstrate the beauty of Chinese traditional culture vividly.

“Monster Diner”

A small restaurant opened for monsters. The food in the restaurant has always been praised by monsters. The appearance of a cookbook completely broke the peace of the Monster Restaurant.

Monster Diner

Combining the happy and healing short animation style with traditional Chinese ink painting, we strive to create a different animation art form.

happy and healing short animation

Monster Diner signature dish: Pearl milk tea fish head soup, a unique combination and delicious taste.

Pearl milk tea fish head soup

The ink painting Chinese style is let people's eyes-catching.

The ink painting Chinese style

Chinese style

“You Ming Zhi: Slaying the Dragon”

The story is based on traditional Chinese allusions, Zhou Chu eliminates three evils. It was a story about a prodigal people who had a chance to start over again through his own repentance and hard work.

Special effects details, cloud lightning, fierce battle between dragons, ferocious white tiger, and the skills of the protagonist.

You Ming Zhi

ferocious white tiger

As the first short film "Slaying the Dragon", the author will also bring us more interesting and strange stories in the future.

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