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Every year around December 7, when the sun reaches 255 degrees of ecliptic longitude, the Major (Grater) Snow starts. It is the 21st solar term among the twenty-four solar terms and the third solar term in winter. Major Snow is a solar term that reflects climate characteristics, and the starting of which indicates the arrival of colder weather and increased possibility of snow.

Major Snow

As the month of snow, it's just the perfect time to create some snow-related scenes! Let's take the poster above for example, and get to know how to quickly create scenes like this in 3ds Max!

We will also need a 3ds Max plug-in called CG Magic, which includes many features that helps to greatly accelerate the creation process.

Mountain generatore

To create the mountain shapes like the poster, you may use the Model – Mountain tool in the Outdoor section. Select the drawn closed spline (as the basic shape of the mountain), set the height and slope of the mountain you want in CG Magic panel, and click generate, then the mountain can be easily created.

Add road to mountain with Terrain fitting feature

In addition, you may also use the Terrain Re-wiring feature to adjust the mountain, or add elements like rivers and roads to the mountains with the Terrain Fitting feature.

To add plants to the mountain, the Array – Brush feature in Edit section is a good choice. You may check the video to learn how to use it.

Generate roof with CG Magic.jpg

Need to create houses? There are many generators in Interior section can be helpful. From walls, floors, ceilings, roofs, to windows, doors or even stairs and escalators, you can find all of them!

Use the snow generator in CG Magic to cover objects with snow

And for snow generation? Try the now generator! Just select the object needed to be covered with snow, set parameters and click generate!

CG Magic provides comprehensive documentation, tutorials, and community support to help you get the most out of the toolset. Whether you're new to the world of CG or a seasoned veteran, there's always something new to learn and explore in CG Magic.

| Availability

CG Magic provides users with two versions. You can enjoy the education version for free, which includes 120+ basic functions; or pay to subscribe to the professional version, which includes 180+ complete functions.

The original price of CG Magic Professional Edition is $19.9/month and $199/year. A limited-time discount is provided during the product launch period, which is $10/month and $99/year. For more price details, please visit the product price page:

System and software requirements:

System Requirements: Windows 10 64bit ~ Windows 11 64bit

Support Software: 3ds Max 2012 ~ 2024 (Design version included)

Support Renderer: V-Ray 2 ~ 6.1

Support Renderer: Corona 1.6 ~ 10

If you are looking for a tool to speed up your 3ds Max creation progress as well as creation experience, feel free to download the plug-in and give a try with CG Magic!

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