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Dimension 5 Techs has released D5 2.6, the latest version of the GPU ray tracing render engine, with a significant update that introduces a range of new features and improvements.

D5 2.6

This update brings a series of features such as AI Atmosphere Match, AI-generated Material Texture Maps, UV Randomizer, Multimedia Material Transparency, and the intuitive Camera Path Editor.

| Introducing AI technology to accelerate creation

In the new version, D5 introducing three AI-powered the features to improve the creation progress:

AI Atmosphere Match

The "AI Atmosphere Match" that transfer the "desired environment into a scene" from the reference image you upload "with just a few clicks";

AI-generated Material Texture Maps

The "AI-generated Material Texture Maps" that produces the corresponding normal, roughness, and displacement maps for a complete material set from the diffuse map you import. The "AI Material Match" that automatically apply a suitable D5 material template to the selected model in the scene.

| New materials, lightings and better rendering effects

More realistic materials as well as accurate parameter controllers are added to D5 2.6, including:

Multimedia Material Transparency

l Introduced transparency parameter in the Multimedia Transparency Material template to simulate the semi-transparent dynamic glow effect of transparent LED screens, transparent TVs, etc.;

l A new local exposure in the post-processing panel to improve the dynamic range of the image;

l A new Flowing Water Material with 5 different templates supports automatic flowing water animation generation;

l A new UV Randomizer for rotating and blending textures to avoid repetition on the surfaces;

l Supports preview of transparent objects in reflections;

l Add attenuation intensity parameter to strip and rect lights;

l Supports customization of the sun's position in the sky by altitude and azimuth, as well as the adjustment of snowflake size;

l Optimized the precision and performance of water material;

| Workflow improvement and assets increasement

Optimized Video Editor with Camera Path Integration

In D5 2.6, features like Video Editor, Scene List & Camera Integration, Selection Tool, Render Queue and Adaptive Interface are all optimized to improve the creation progress.

LiveSync for 3ds Max

Following the launch of D5 LiveSync for SketchUp in D5 2.5, D5 2.6 introduces LiveSync for 3ds Max, supporting real-time synchronization for 3ds Max workflow.

Camera Animation Sync for Cinema 4D

In addition, Camera Animation Sync feature has also been supported to both 3ds Max and Cinema 4D.

Optimize search feature

The D5 assets library also gets a huge update. 200+ new assets including character, trees, cactus, procedurally-generated vine models are added in D5 2.6; optimize the search features within the assets library with the addition of fuzzy search supporting intelligent keyword suggestions, as well as the UI for the primary and secondary menu expansion;

| Availability

D5 Render 2.6 is available for Windows 10+. It requires a compatible GPU: Dimension 5 recommends a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060+, an AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT+ or an Intel Arc A3+. Integration plugins are available for 3ds Max 2014-2016 and 2018+, ArchiCAD 21+, Blender 2.93+, Cinema 4D R20+, Revit 2018.3+, Rhino 6.1+ and SketchUp 2017+.

The Community edition is free; subscriptions to the Pro edition, which includes advanced features, access to the full asset library and sequence rendering, cost $38/month or $360/year. In addition, as a special gift of the new version, the company offers all D5 users 7-day D5 Pro with unlimited access to all assets, widgets, and AI features in D5 Render 2.6. You may look an overview of the update, of read the full list of new features in the release note.

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