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In the vibrant world of animation, China is making waves with its unique and captivating stories. The year 2024 will witness the release of a many anticipated Chinese animation films that is set to captivate both domestic and international audiences. Get to know about the upcoming Chinese animation films in 2024 with XRender!

| Ne Zha 2

Ne Zha 1 (Original title: Ne Zha Zhi Mo Tong Jiang Shi) was released in 2019. It set an impressive box office record when debuted, easily surpassing the then high-profile Chinese science fiction masterpiece The Wandering Earth starring Wu Jing, and won the annual box office championship. In addition, with a box office performance of more than 5 billion yuan, it has successfully ranked second in the box office of Chinese film history, given new vitality to Chinese animated films and aroused the audience's eager anticipation for future sequels.

After four years, the much-anticipated animated film Ne Zha 2 is finally scheduled to be released this year. This film is still directed and written by Yu Yang (credited as Jiaozi), based on the character Ne Zha in the traditional Chinese masterpiece Journey to the West.

Ne Zha 2

The plot of this sequel closely follows the previous work. After the catastrophe, although the souls of Nezha and Ao Bing were saved, their bodies would soon be destroyed. Taiyi Zhenren planned to use the seven-color lotus to reshape their bodies, but reshaping process is not easy. Where will the fate of Nezha and Ao Bing go?" The release date of this work has not been announced yet, we will wait and see!

| White Snake 3

White Snake: The Floating Life (Original title: Bai She: Yuan Qi) is the sequel to White Snake: The Origin and the third installment in the White Snake series produced by Light Chaser Animation. This series is derived from the Legend of the White Snake, one of the four major Chinese folk love legends.

White Snake

The film tells the story of "In Lin'an during the Southern Song Dynasty, White Snake and Green Snake found Xu Xian, the reincarnation of Xuan. White Snake and Xu Xian became husband and wife, and the two opened a security hall to treat illnesses and save people. But Fahai saw through the monster identities of White Snake and Green Snake and wanted to stop the couple continues to be together."

It is said that the film perfectly integrates traditional Chinese cultural elements with modern animation technology. The work has a delicate style and distinctive characters, allowing the audience to appreciate the unique charm of traditional Chinese culture. The release date of this work has not been announced yet, stay tuned!

| Nie Xiao Qian

Nie Xiao Qian is an animated film directed and written by Mao Qichao, adapted from the chapter of the same name in Pu Songling's strange novel Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio. This chapter is the most famous one among Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio and the one with the most adaptations.

Nie Xiao Qian

The story begins with the scholar Ning Sheng rescuing the female ghost Nie Xiaoqian in Lanruo Temple, and tells the story of the two falling in love while on the run.

| Ban Ling Fei Du

Ban Ling Fei Du means goral flying across, tells the story of the wolf and the goral, two natural enemies who came together after a special fate choice. In the long-term coexistence of life and death, the goral tribe has new thoughts on their own character.

The 90-minute film is China's first ink animation feature film produced by Shanghai Art Film Studio. Judging from the materials released so far, the traditional Chinese ink painting in the film is very strong, and I believe it will definitely bring different perceptions to the audience.

| The Storm

"Heavy Rain" is an animated film written, directed and produced by Bu Sifan. It will be released on January 12, 2024.

This film is director Bu Sifan's work that reveals the truth of life more keenly after "The Great Protector". The plot mainly tells the story of the appearance of a once-sunken opera drum boat in Dalong Bay. Daguzi and his son Mantou came here to hunt for treasures, and met a man who came here. Liu Dale, Liu Ziyan and the Long Er Legion investigated. The long-lost Lingyi people appear, and the truth about this place begins to surface. Finally, the heavy rain falls, the opera drum boat is about to transform, and everyone has to make a choice."

For more upcoming animations and VFX films, stay tuned with XRender!

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