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Multi Motion Brush, a new feature that allows users to control multiple areas of their video creation with independent movements, has been introduced to the latest iteration of the popular AI video model Gen-2 by RunwayML. The groundbreaking new feature offers an enhanced level of control and creativity when it comes to transforming static images into dynamic videos.

The Multi Motion Brush builds upon the Motion Brush feature, previously announced in Novemver 2023 that enable users to select specific areas of an image and set them in motion. In the new update, up to five different brushes can be selected within the image and unique motion directions for each brush can be set separately. This unique functionality opens up a world of possibilities for manipulating objects and characters in videos.

With five distinctly colored brushes, users can freely customize the movement of any area within an image. Whether you’re working with a portrait or a detailed painting, the Multi Motion Brush makes it easy to define the direction of movement for specific regions. This level of precision and control allows for the creation of highly engaging and dynamic videos that captivate the audience.

Interestingly, some users have already taken advantage of the Multi Motion Brush to create impressive animations within their paintings. From animating facial expressions in portraits to adding motion to the details of a plant, the possibilities seem limitless.

Currently, the Multi Motion Brush only works with images as the initial input and is now accessible to all Gen-2 users. You may visit the official website to run some free test (with limitations). The monthly license starts at $15 and a 20% off is available foe annual plans. For more pricing details, please click here.

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