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For designers who have experience designing projects such as parks, scenic spots, supermarkets, shopping malls and even airports, escalators must be familiar to you. Compared with box-type elevators, escalators have more advantages in terms of space efficiency, convenience, and adaptability. It supports the simultaneous passage of multiple people and multiple types of objects (suitcases, shopping carts, etc.), has short waiting times, and can be used to move in different directions, making it the choice of many large buildings.

CG Magtic escalators generator

Therefore, in order to help designers improve their work efficiency in the visual expression creation process when working on this type of project, CG Magic has added escalators to the interior section. It offers an intuitive and efficient way to create automatic escalators with just a few clicks. Whether you're a professional 3D artist or a beginner looking to try something new, the Automatic Escalator Generator makes creating lifelike escalators effortless.

Two ways to generate with:

The escalator generator provides users with an intuitive user interface, allowing users to customize escalators in two methods:

a. Parameters to Escalators

Users can quickly input the desired length (Len.), width (Wid.), and height (Hei.) of your escalator, and a simple click of the Generate button brings your design to life.

b. Points to Escalators

For even more precise control, try the "" button. Simply select three points and click three times to define the exact position as well as the size of your escalator. This method is usually used when the floor plan has been confirmed, based on the position reserved for the escalator in the plan, users can directly reduce the tedious steps of measurement and movement.

Two types to choose from:

Two types of escalators - Step (left) & Slop(right).jpg

The escalator generator supports both stepped (Step) and ramp-style (Slop) escalators, giving you the flexibility to create either style with ease. Just select the type, and click generate!

Two directions to go to:

Escalators animation up and down

A unique feature of the plugin is the ability to generate escalators with animations. Select the Up or Down option before generating, and after generating, just click the "Play" button to watch the escalator in action (this feature is only valid for stepped escalators).

CG Magic provides comprehensive documentation, tutorials, and community support to help you get the most out of the toolset. Whether you're new to the world of CG or a seasoned veteran, there's always something new to learn and explore in CG Magic.

| Availability

CG Magic provides users with two versions. You can enjoy the education version for free, which includes 120+ basic functions; or pay to subscribe to the professional version, which includes 180+ complete functions. The Stair Generator introduced above is available in professional version only.

The original price of CG Magic Professional Edition is $19.9/month and $199/year. A limited-time discount is provided during the product launch period, which is $10/month and $99/year. For more price details, please visit the product price page:

System and software requirements:

System Requirements: Windows 10 64bit ~ Windows 11 64bit

Support Software: 3ds Max 2012 ~ 2024 (Design version included)

Support Renderer: V-Ray 2 ~ 6.1

Support Renderer: Corona 1.6 ~ 10

If you are looking for a tool to speed up your 3ds Max creation progress as well as creation experience, feel free to download the plug-in and give a try with CG Magic!

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