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The creative process of architectural visualization is similar to architectural design; it is the result of a combination of artistic cultivation, spatial creation, and technical methods. Given the diversity of creative subjects, we often categorize architectural visualization into specific design expression types such as public buildings, residential buildings, planning design, spatial design, industrial design, landscape design, etc.

We are delighted to welcome Ben Mo, a member of the XRender Design Enthusiast Club! He kindly agreed to show a stunning array of his industrial design visualization masterpieces. Ben will share his unique drawing method and disclose the fascinating journey he embarked on using XRender.

| Personality Introduction

Ben Mo

Industrial Design Expert, Winner at the XRender Competition, He worked in the design performance industry for over 10 years, Ben Mo specializes in industrial hotel projects, with involvement in projects for Wyndham, Marriott, Hilton, Sheraton, among others. He has participated in several XRender design competitions and has won awards.

| Project Explanation

Wyndham Hotel, Taiyuan, Shanxi

This project is located at the Wyndham Hotel in Shanxi. When we received the project materials, the requirement was to create a midnight scene effect. For the front of the building, we created a strong contrast between warm and cold effects, using large areas of red brick and bronze, with very cold indoor lighting, which made the image more impactful.


For the lobby section, a midnight scene effect was achieved still using dome light to simulate ambient light, but with a base multiplier on the dome. The indoor lighting is slightly warmer, mainly to enhance the atmosphere and luxurious feel of the interior.



In the executive lounge section, there are many crystal materials. To properly render the crystal material, many of them involve individual reflections that are finally composited in post-production.


The lighting in the dining area is relatively brighter than in the lobby, and warm lights are still used to enhance the atmosphere.


In the guest room section, a combination of daylight and indoor lighting is used, with dome light and parallel light applied outdoors to simulate sunlight.


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