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| About Monkey King: Hero Is Back

"Monkey King: Hero Is Back is a Chinese computer-animated film directed by Tian Xiaopeng. It is a 3D animation film developed and interpreted based on the traditional Chinese myth story "Journey to the West".

“Monkey King Hero is Back

More than four hundred years after the riot in the Heavenly Palace, Monkey King became a legend. He was mistakenly found by the Tang Seng, a little monk named Jiang Liuer, and was accidentally lifted from the seal. The Monkey King regained his original intentions in the adventure journey of mutual companionship and completed the story of self-salvation.

According to the data obtained from the Internet, in the six months after the success of " Monkey King: Hero Is Back ", there were 13 animated films on the Westward Journey theme that were registered for the project, while there was only one in the previous six months. We can regard this as a successful performance of the film.

"Chinese people have their own values, which means we don’t need to follow the mindset of the West, especially that of the Hollywood, "Xiaopeng said. "We used our own traditional stories to resonate with our audiences' emotions, and technically we tell the story by means of the West."

The biggest difference between stories with the theme of Journey to the West and the "Monkey King: Hero Is Back" may be that the previous (film) basically followed the story in Journey to the West, with almost no adjustments. The "Monkey King: Hero Is Back" however, changed Jiang Liu'er from an adult to a child and the Monkey King, he was originally a god, but was restored to the state of ordinary people, allowing the audience to enjoy the story from a new perspective. Also, many people may see the powerful influence of "Journey to the West" IP and it can resonate even more in the Chinese community when it was screened overseas.

The Monkey King

Although the theme of "Journey to the West" is very influential, if it can’t be done well easily—because the audience’s requirements for the story are already very high after watching so many similar works. Everyone would relatively easy accept it if the story is ok, but since the audience are having a better taste nowadays, if your content is not good enough, if your production is not good enough, people will not accept your it easily, whether it is the theme of Westward Journey or other hot IP.

The fully-animated CGI movie has earned a lot honors after it’s release.

Awards and nominations of the film

Awards and nominations of the film

The amazing visual effects made by the team cleverly integrated the charm of Oriental aesthetics that absorbs colorful elements from the nature in the 3D animation technology, such as street shadow puppets in the market, the misty rain of a plum in the corner of the house, the red fruit under the big peach tree, and the approaching storm on the stone arch bridge.

Arch bridge in the town

Arch bridge in the town

The country fair

The country fair

The approaching strom

The approaching strom

As for us, XRender, we felt it a great honor to offer rendering services for the amazing film. With powerful public cloud resources, massive and elastic expansion of nodes and 24/7 professional service team stand by, we were able to render the project with high efficiency and help the film perfectly finished in time.

As the October Animation Studio's evaluation of us, "Simplicity, that is what I love most about XRender! Everything about the XRender is very smooth for me during the whole rendering process. Nonetheless, the support was immediate and phenomenal. Even at low priority the jobs are still done in a really high speed compared to other farms I have tried. Outstanding!"

XRender will continuously optimize itself to provide customers with a more extreme experience.

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