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》 Maya layered rendering

Many rendering layers? Single layer rendering time is too long? Try Maya layered rendering! Each layer is an independent task and serves will be allocated separately for rendering, which can effectively shorten the rendering time.

Check the "Maya layered rendering and your project will be separated into several tasks according to the layers to speed up.

Note: please make sure all layers in your Maya task share the same parameters.

Maya layered rendering

》Houdini output node dividing

When splitting the tasks and submitting them according to the output node in Houdini, users may have a long single frame time and many rendering cameras when rendering. For this reason, XRender provides a way to divide the output node into multiple tasks and more servers can be allocated for rendering.

Houdini output node dividing

》3ds Max independent camera parameter settings

When submitting a task, the user may set different parameters for different cameras in the same file. In order to reduce the complexity of the user's operation process, XRender has developed the 3ds Max independent camera parameter setting function. For different cameras of the same file, rendering parameters can be set separately, reducing the operation steps and avoiding repeated file submission.

3ds max independent camera parameter settings

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