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There might be many project teams in a company and resources requirements are differs from team to team. Targeted management according to the needs of the team is the demand of many enterprise managers, and it is also conducive to the optimization of resources within the enterprise.

To meet our clients’ needs, XRender has been dedicated to develop a way for team management optimization, and here comes the Multi-level Account System!

Budget management and monitoring

XRender has added the budget management function to the multi-set account system to meet customers' needs for budget control and supervision.

Project manager can use the master account to set different rendering quotas for each sub-account. Render will be automatically suspended when exceeding the limit, ensuring your budget under control.

Quato management

Differential settings of sub-account authorities

The master account may has controlled multiple sub-accounts that are under using. In order to prevent uncontrollable task rendering, information leakage, or keep some of the functions that XRender supports remains closed to employees, authorities can be configured for each sub-account according to management requirements.

Sub-account authority management

Permissions that master account can control are as follow:

1) The permission of sub-account to view the account balance;

2) The permission of sub-account to view the unit price and fee of rendering;

3) The permission to approve tasks that submitted by the sub-account;

4) Control the permissions of sub-accounts to create/modify/delete tasks and environments;

5) Control the permissions of sub-accounts to perform operations such as render at full speed/pause rendering/continue rendering/delete tasks.

Restrict download

According to actual confidentiality requirements, the company can restrict downloading IPs. The company can set a whitelist of IPs that are allowed to download. Only those on the list can download the result files.

Download IP setting

Add new IP for download

XRender dedicates to providing efficient, safe and all-round cloud rendering services for enterprises and individuals.

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