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While using the particle emitters of Cinema 4D, sometimes we find the final rendering effect is quite different from the particle effects we set. Let's learn how to deal with the problem with the XRender technical support team and explore more about the XRender dedicated features to render online!


While using the particle emitters of Cinema 4D, sometimes we find the final rendering effect is quite different from the particle effects we set. This rendering accident may happen in the following situations.

particle emitter

Phenomena: Different rendering effects in various render engines

1.Rendered by Picture Viewer, the particle effect is incorrect.

incorrect effect on Picture Viewer

2.Rendered by Octane, the particle effect is proper when we check the real-time effect with its Liver Viewer.

correct effect on Liver Viewer

This problem is not similar to the abnormal frame skipping rendering as a result of failure of outputting the cache of affecter.

effects on three different render engine

Possible situations and the underlying reasons

Inconsistency of Birthrate Editor and Birthrate Renderer

There are two parameters in the menu of particle, Birthrate Editor controlling the real-time display, and Birthrate Renderer in charge of the render output. When there is a mismatch between them, the rendering effect will go wrong.

two parameters

For example, when the number of Birthrate Editor is less than that of Birthrate Renderer, the actual output result of particles will be more than display. Otherwise, the output of particles will be less.

Editor more than Render

Only when the two parameters stay the same, can the output of particles be the same as you see.

two Params stay the same

Then, as for the different effects rendering effects in various render engines, we can have an answer. The real-time renderings such as Render Viewer compute according to Birthrate Editor, so the effect is proper. Nevertheless, the batch rendering such as Deadline or render farms is based on the Birthrate Renderer, causing the wrong effect.

Lack of baking the cache

Forgetting to bake the cache will lead the same incorrect rendering effect. This is on account of the feature of batch render——frame-skipping rendering. Owning to this feature, not only particle emitters, but also other included effectors will produce false effects.

other effectors

To solve this, we can add the tag “MoGraph Cache”, and bake the cache within the range of sequence.

add the tag

bake the cache

If meeting similar conditions, you cancontact usat any time. XRender’s 24/7 technical support teamis always with you and will bring you the most caring service.

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