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XRender now supports Blender 2.93 LTS, the latest version of the open-source 3D software shipped by the Blender Foundation. Learn more features of the update and boost your rendering with XRender now!

As the team is now focusing more on the development of Blender 3.0, the release of Blender 2.93 LTS (Long Term Support) is not showing a long feature list as other versions before. However, the new features still bring users a lot of surprises, let's take a look at some of the highlights together!

| More workspace and new spreadsheet editor to the Geometry Nodes

A total of 22 new nodes were added to the Geometry Nodes to build on the attribute system, allowing users to create the most flexible modifiers with Geometry Nodes

Create the most flexible modifiers with Geometry Nodes

In addition, it is now possible to access mesh data like UV layers, vertex colors, material index, shade smooth and so on.

The update also adds a new spreadsheet editor for displaying attribute values for meshes, point clouds and instances.

Visualize  attribute values with Spreadsheet Editor

| Masking models during sculpting in a new way

Operator in 2.93 LTS is capable of creating multiple mask shapes in one go, and now detects mesh boundaries, making it possible to create masks with edges parallel to those of geometry.

Other than an extra option to the Face Sets Init operator is added to initialize individual Face Sets based on the current Face Sets boundaries, the new operator can also modify existing sets, and can be used to control vertex colors.

Flexible face set adjustment

| Speed up rendering in Cycles and Eevee

Both of Eevee and cycles are updated this time.

The former completely rewrite the depth of field and ambient occlusion and better shadows within the volume.

Eevee influencers

As for Cycles, it can now save all render data of the scene, which will speed up re-renders, with a cost of increased memory usage.

Meanwhile, Cycles becomes the latest render engine to support OCIO 2 in pipeline integration.

Cycles renderer - area angle spread

Software optimization can speed up rendering to a certain extent but get more render resources can always be a better choice.

If you get headache of reasons like insufficient computing power, lack of storage space, asset chaos, slow transmission, aging equipment… You may try to use XRender render farm for cloud rendering.

You can enjoy all these with XRender in the best price:

Less time: countless computing resources are now at your fingertip;

Faster transmission: a dedicated transmission solution compliant with the highest industry standards;

Smoother workflow: self-developed intelligent software meets the habits of users;

Stronger support: Professional TD team is on standby 24/7 to ensure projects rendered on time for free.

To render your Blender project with XRender with the latest version Blender 2.93 LTS, you just need to:

a. Drag and drop your Blender file to XRender Client

Drag and drop Blender file to XRender Client

b. Set render environment and submit for rendering

Set render environment and submit for rendering

To learn more about how to render blender tasks with XRender, please check blender task submission tutorial or turn to the online customer service team for help.

Boost rendering with XRender and register an account to get $25 credits for free now!

For more details about the update, please check the Blender 2.93 release note.

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