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XRender always regards the CUSTOMER FIRST and the PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE as its corporate values. As a user-centric cloud rendering platform, XRender is and will always continue to optimize our products and services, and strive to bring faster, safer and smarter cloud rendering services to global 3D creators.

To boost your rendering with XRender in a more efficient and less-worry way, XRender has polished its client from details and add some helpful features to ease the rendering process based on users’ needs.

| Two Steps, Avoid Huge Losses

Have you ever encountered situation like this:

Open the output path and ready to check the final render effect, but find that the rendering is not over yet, and the duration is much longer than expected. While looking for the reason, it was because of accidental parameter setting error that caused the rendering time to increase.

Time wasted

Expenses exceeded budget

No other way but to resubmit the rendering

Sounds annoying already, right?

Check out the features that XRender product team has developed based on the user feedback on rendering pain points.

| Render Time Warning

The “Render Time Warning” feature will notify when render time exceeds the expected value set by the users with a Timeout tag and user can check the task first and then modify it accordingly:

XRender - Render Time Warning

If the rendering exceeds expectations, but the rendering progress is about to reach 100%, this may be due to slight differences between different frames. In this case, the user can wait for the rendering to complete and view the result.

Rendering is about to finish while render time warning show in XRender

If most of the task progress is still not completed after the timeout reminder appears, there may be some mistaken settings in the file. If so, users can immediately right-click to pause the task first, check whether the rendering effect is correct of the finished frames and decide whether you need to modify the file to re-render.

Task need to be optimized and resubmit to XRender

| Auto-pause when timeout

The “Render Pause” feature will notify and pause the frames that have not yet started rendering automatically if any rendering frame in the task is found to exceed the preset value.

XRender - Auto-pause when timeout

This will help reduce the worries of users who are busy with creation and don't have time to pay attention to the rendering progress or users whose rendering tasks are carried out at rest time like midnight.

Task that auto-paused when timeout

Different Configuration for Different Tasks

XRender is aware that users are always looking for more render-efficient and cost-efficient rendering services. Therefore, based on an average daily rendering volume of 1.5 million threads, the XRender service team has summarized some tips for 3D creators to get more cost-effective rendering services.

| Choose A More Suitable Node for Your Taks

More Suitable Machine Configurations for Different Rendering Times

Render Time/Frame

Machine Configuration

≥ 1.5 Hours

16 Threads 32G Machine

1.5 - 4 Hours

32 Threads 64G Machine

≥ 4 Hours

64 Threads 128G Machine

Or Higher Configuration Machine

Contact Us for Details

Above information just for reference as per the rendering time of per frame on XRender with 16 threads 32G machine.

For bigger projects, hyper-threading nodes and bigger storage are also available. Please feel free to contact us.

| Multi-frames in One Node, Save Time from Details

For tasks that rendering time of each frame is about 30 minutes, increase the number of “Frame per task” is a great way to save the rendering time. By changing this parameter, you can determine how many frames you want each node to render and reduce the loading time. For example, if you change the default number from 1 to 3, it means each render node will render 3 frames and load once only.

Task per frame setting applys to the whole group.png

You can set this parameter in both the setting panel and parameter setting panel. The former will take effect for all tasks in the task group and the letter will only effective for tasks that have been set.

Task per frame setting applys to one task only

XRender has always adhered to the user-centric concept for cloud rendering services. Boost your rendering with XRender and if you have any special demands, the customer service team, TD team and product team of XRender will all try their best to bring you the solutions!

XRender dedicates to providing efficient, safe and all-round cloud rendering service for enterprises and individuals.

Contact us and boost your rendering with XRender.
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