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In the 3D and Motion Design Show, its latest version of its 3D animation and rendering software Maxon has released Cinema 4D R25. The update takes a huge step forward with many new features improvements, and changes, which is highly recommended to switch by the authority. Let's take a look at some of the highlights together!

| First C4D License via Maxon App

As it is announced in the update, R25 is the first version of Cinema 4D that can be licensed via the Maxon App (2.0 or higher) as a default choice.

With a new Asset Browser and Scene Manager, plus physics-enabled placement tools for scene layout and set dressing, and updates to character animation workflow, Cinema 4D R25 provides holders of perpetual license with their first chance to upgrade to use the functionality added in Cinema 4D S24, Maxon’s previous subscription-only update.

| New Track Modifier Tag

A new Track Modifier Tag with many new properties, including modes, allow users to modify animation tracks on objects or tags procedurally in a “super-fast way”.

| Flexible Menu Structure, New Interface & Layout

The biggest change of this update, with widely controversial, is the brand new GUI, the graphical user interface that designed based on Maxon's logo. It adopts a more novel and flatter icon design and greatly reducing usage of colors, making the interface more concise and unified.

In addition to the flexible changes of the menu structure that users can customize according to preferences, both icons and layouts were greatly modified adhere to the following rules in the Standard layout:

Dynamic Palettes which are changeable according to the Mode you use for quick and easy access to relevant tools can be found in the left of the viewport.

Dynamic Palettes for quick and easy access to relevant tools in C4D R25

All modes will be put in the top and the objects can be seen in the right of the viewport.

New icon positions in new layout in C4D R25

| More Nodes, More Improvement

A total of 50 new nodes alone with many scene node enhancements are added into the Cinema 4D core. The Scene Nodes allowing users to manage relationships and dependencies between objects, construct, assemble linear, bezier, b-splines and NURBs splines with spline core, import CSV and JSON files into and use the data they contain to control nodal set-ups.

| What’s More

In addition to the highlights mentioned above, more features including a new asset browser with easy access to library that support preset for “almost anything”, a new Capsules system that available for creating custom generators, modifiers and primitives, import vector shapes and text in SVG, PDF and Adobe Illustrator format and so on.

The new version of Cinema 4D now supports OS including 64-bit Windows 10 and macOS 10.14.6+. For more updating information, please check out the complete list of Cinema 4D R25

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