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Autodesk has released the latest version of its 3D modeling and animation software, Maya 2022.2. Highlights of the updates including a new scaling section, a streamlined Application Home, improvement of USD, update Bifrost Extension for Maya version and more. Let’s take a look at the new features together!

| Add New Scaling Option into Solidify Scaling

A new Scaling option that is available only in the Attribute Editor Solidify tab has been added into the Solidify deformer, allowing an easier control on resizing areas of a deformation that are tagged geometry.

New Scaling section in Solidify deformer_Maya 2022.2

The Normal Scale and Tangent Plane Scale fields let you apply uniform offsets to the scale effect and a total of three scale modes has been newly added to the Scaling section with the following behavior applied to the related mode.

Scaling Mode_Maya 2022.2

| Upgrade Application Home & Improve Script Editor

On the basis of a new launch screen added in Maya 2022.1, Autodesk upgraded the Recent File list to give faster view of files location in right side menu.

Application Home_Maya 2022.2

In addition, two new actions have been added to the Attribute Editor to save all of the script tabs open to a file, and to show tab and space characters in the Script Editor.

| Updates to USD & Bifrost

Both USD and Bifrost are added to Maya 2022.2. For the multiphyics simulation plugin, Bifrost Extension for Maya version is updated with new features including the option to drive simulation parameters with fields or arrays to bring a faster and more interactive experience. For more information about the last version of Bifrost for Maya 2.3 that released last month, please check it here in XRender News Center.

Image courtesy of Lee Griggs_Maya 2022.2

Maya 2022.2 also Maya 2022.2 provides USD Extension for Maya version 0.11.0, with option to set a USD stage as shareable or unshareable in the proxyShape node, and read-only layers are now locked automatically in the Layer Editor.

Tanker courtesy of TurboSquid_Maya 2022.2

| What’s More

Other improvements including add Arnold for Maya 4.2.4 with the Arnold core, support two new Environment Variables, migrate scripts and plug-ins to Python 3 and starts it by default. For all details of the update, please check the Maya 2022.2 Update Release Notes.

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