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As a fully Redshift licensed cloud render farm, a huge amount of upgraded GPU nodes is at disposal for global creators to speed your rendering at maximum. Keeps updated with what's happening lately to Redshift with XRender.

Boost rendering with XRender

Some huge movements has been made by to Redshift this year, the GPU production renderer for DCC applications such as 3ds Max, Blender, Cinema 4D, Houdini and Maya by Maxon. Keeps updated with what's happening lately to Redshift with XRender.

| Otoy x Maxon – Make Redshift Available with Render Network

The most thrilled announcement of Redshift is probably the integration on Render Network, Otoy's distributed GPU rendering network built on the Ethereum blockchain, allowing users to scale GPU rendering tasks "across millions of decentralized GPUs as well as earn more render credits by making the GPUs in their own machines available to other users as cloud render nodes.

The news was announced during the livestream of Maxon's latest 3D & Motion Design Show user event which you can see in the recording above and the official availability for Redshift on the Render Network is scheduled for the "first half of 2022 and will be available at" In addition, the Render Network will also support Maxon's 3D animation and motion graphics software Cinema 4D, Otoy's own OctaneRender and Autodesk's Arnold renderer.

| Render Network VS. Cloud Render Farm

Originally known as RNDR and unveiled in 2017, the Render Network is a platform just like cloud render farm that gives users access to more computing resources to launch rendering remotely on the cloud and speed up the rendering process. It's more like a reputation-based system with three usage layers: creators who need render nodes to submit tasks via the Render Network, computing resource owners, like a miner, provide machines as render nodes to others, and a third party will host the payment for the work. Both the submitter and the miner set a reputation score based on the results of the previous rendering work.

The Render Network

It is undeniable that this new business model has increased the utilization rate of idle machines, which is beneficial to both individual designers and machine owners to a certain extent. But compared to commercial rendering farms, the problems are obvious.

#01 Machine Performance

First of all, since machines are maintained individually, the performance of the machine may be degraded because it is not professionally managed, and the rendering task cannot be completed in time. Although the reputation of miners will be reduced after the rendering according users' feedback, the loss caused to the previous task is unavoidable, especially when the project is on the deadline and time is tight.

However, situation above is almost impossible to happen when rendering with XRender. As a PaaS + IaaS cloud render service platform, XRender has been cooperate with public cloud provider to offer rendering services. This ensures that the machines used by all users are maintained, managed and updated by a professional technical team, providing users with efficient and powerful rendering nodes to the greatest extent.

#02 Problem Handling

Speed up rendering by using others machine is like simply increasing the number of machines, while using cloud rendering services is like getting a professional rendering team. To boost your rendering with XRender, you are enjoy intelligent XRender Client for flexible render nodes scheduling, Aspera transmission solution to accelerate data movement, unlimited data storage space in the cloud, and more importantly, 24/7 online technical support, ALL FOR FREE!

XRender is great choice especially for large projects in need of professional team for your projects and want a more cost-effective rendering experience

Scalable rendering nodes will be assigned for any project online

No extra cost other than the usage of high efficient computing power

Secure and stable data storage system that certificated by the industries

Dedicated Aspera transmission line maximizes the data transferring speed

Smart and easy-to-use software helps to analysis the render files automatically

Professional technical support team stands by during the whole rendering process

#03 Resources Acquisition

Different from the combined use of resources from multiple parties, XRender has multiple resource pools around the world, allowing users to obtain a large number of rendering nodes according to their needs. In addition, cloud server with high security standards such as ISO 27001 certification is in line with international, multi-line BGP alone with higher bandwidth are always ready to transfer your data assets more efficiently, ultra-high concurrency performance alone with intelligent and flexible node scheduling can meet the huge computing resource needs of users.

To access more GPU or CPU for larger projects, feel free to contact us for customized services!

XRender dedicates to providing efficient, safe and all-round cloud rendering service for enterprises and individuals.

Contact us and boost your rendering with XRender.
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