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The latest version of the 3d modeling and animation software, Blender3.0 has been public officially for a while. Take a look at some tutorials, tips and assets that might be helpful for you creation journey in Blender 3.0 with XRender!

The latest version of the 3d modeling and animation software, Blender3.0 has been public officially for a while and many of you must have tried some of these new features more or less! What’s your favorite features and what kind of problem have you met with it so far?

We have sorted out some tutorials, tips and assets that might be helpful for you creation journey in Blender 3.0. Let's get start!

| Geometry Nodes

Blender's framework of geometry nodes, which is widely used in creation and a lot of problems has been met by uses, has been extended in Blender 3.0. With a new Fields system, intended to simplify the process of building node groups that represent higher-level concepts and a new set of text nodes that can be used to generate procedurally animated text for motion graphics.

Text nodes in Blender 3.0

Make good use of the geometry nodes not only helps to simplify the way to change the object's geometry to achieve more complex effects than regular modifiers, but also giving more possibilities for creative and personalized creation. 3D Artist Satendra Saraswat has released a tutorial on working with Geometry Nodes in Blender 3.0. Give a watch and learn how you can make a stylized scene using Blender's Geometry Nodes.

The entire workflow alone with detailed node setup and the nuances of working in the new version of Blender is explained in the tutorial. If you follow the video, you can possible managed to create a cute stylized scene, as the author did. For the Blender files for the project, click here to download.

| USD Hydra Plug-in

A new USD importer gets added into Blender 3.0 to complement the USD exporter that was added in Blender 2.82, making it possible to import meshes, curves, materials, volumes, lights, cameras and animations – both animated transforms and mesh caches – exported from other DCC software in USD format.

More recently, AMD has released stable 1.0 build of its open-source USD Hydra plug-in, supporting the latest version of Blender. In addition, the AMD’s new free online library of MaterialX materials has been integrated to Blender 3.0, letting artists and developers not only import, export USD files and other basic features that are available with Blender’s own USD import tool as we mentioned above, but also allows exporting USD stages to other DCC applications, load, edit, and export materials in ILM's USD-compatible MaterialX format which can be used in Substance 3D Designer and Arnold. To learn more and download the plugin, please click here.

AMD Releases USD Hydra Plug-in for Blender

| Rendering in Blender 3.0

Another significant update in Blender 3.0 is the release of Cycles X, a major upcoming rewrite of the software's production renderer that designed to "future proof it for the next 10 years". How huge a step does Blender take of Cycles X? Take a look at the tutorial made by SouthernShotty with clear comparison and detailed render settings instruction.

Little tips: if you just get start with Blender 3.0, you may come across this problem: Why the render time way longer than it was in the earlier version of Blender then 3.0 with Cycles X, which is supposed to be faster? Check out the Max Samples field in Render Properties panel under Render section! The default value has changed from 128 to 1024 which will mean renders take a lot longer by default.

Max sample of cycle rendering in Blender 3.0

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