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Luxion has just released the latest major version of its 3D rendering and animation software, KeyShot 11. Highlights including a new 3D paint tool, CMF output management system, support for physics simulation, a new web viewer and more. Get to know more about the KeyShot 11 with XRender!

| What’s New in KeyShot 11

3D Paint Tool

3D Paint is a new tool integrated in material tab of the project panel in the new version that allows users to apply customized textures to models by painting or stamping directly on the model surface.

Brush Modes

3D Paint includes a brush setting section with 3 modes to customize your brush configuration such as its color, shape, size, opacity and flow. Advanced option including the options to toggle the hardness, spacing and angle of brush. Besides, a layer section allows users to adjust textures according to layer list.

CMF Output System & Material Information Management

Consisting of two sub-functions, the Material Information Manager and the Setup Callouts window, CMF (color, material and finish) management system enables users to output an HTML document to identify material descriptions, material costs, texture finishes, and more, on their renders.

Physics Simulation

For animation, the new Physics Simulation tool allows users to create dynamic visual effects based on the gravity and collision detection and record it as keyframe animation.

Adjustable parameters of Physics Simulation including simulation time, keyframes per second, simulation quality, value of gravity and friction and so on. Please note that Physics Simulation only works with mesh objects and simulate soft body dynamics is still not possible.

Web Viewer

A new web viewer has been introduced into KeyShot 11 for more smooth and convince scene sharing. It allows users to upload, view and configure KeyShot scenes within teams in several steps.

KeyShot 11 - Web Viewer

Although the available amount of viewing and uploading for Web Viewer (subscription only) is limited by the quota of the user's own account, there is no installation necessary since it works on both desktop and mobile browsers, which brings great convenience to online file sharing and interaction.

| What’s More

KeyShot 11 - New Features

Other improvements in the latest version including support GPU mode for cutaway material, enhance the glTF and USDz export to produce smaller file sizes with instancing, update the KeyShot Library with 18 Human Skin Tones, 31 3D Paint Brush Shapes. For more details about KeyShot 11, please have an overview in its official website or read a full list of new features in its release note.

KeyShot 11 requires Windows 10+ or macOS 10.15 Catalina+. All new licenses will be sold as a subscription with $99/mth ($1,188/yr) for KeyShot Pro, $1,188.00/mth ($468/yr) for KeyShotWeb and $16/mth ($192/yr) for Network rendering. Click here to learn more FAQ about the KeyShot 11 subscription.

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