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In a new blog posted this month, the Blender Foundation has announced the some of the new sculpting features coming to Blender in 2022. Features such as vertex painting in Sculpt mode and the option to preview sculpts with Eevee are said to be scheduled to the main branch of the open-source 3D software over “the next several releases”. According to the post, the goal is to begin merging these improvements into the main Blender branch over the next several releases.

Paint models

Performance comparison between the old vertex paint mode and vertex painting in sculpt mode (1.5 million faces)

One of the biggest new features is the option to paint vertex colors directly in Sculpt mode. Enabled as an experimental feature to paint vertex colors in Sculpt mode for a while, the feature adds the ability to use mask, face sets, filters, new brush settings, and smooth performance. According to the post, there have been some final improvements to release the feature properly.

Color Attributes

The experimental feature, which wasn't compatible with the previous system, has been combined as a tab called “Color Attributes” that available for vertices and face corners. In addition, the paint tools also get support for cavity masking, making it possible to weight paint strokes according to the surface curvature of the geometry being painted, automatically picking out edges or recesses.

Edge Boundaries

02-Boundaries such as Face Sets are kept intact when smoothing them

Edge boundaries will be handled for Dynamic Topology (Dyntopo) and all of the smooth/relax brushes. All kinds of boundaries are kept intact: face set boundaries, topological boundaries, seam edges, sharp edges, etc.

Topology Rake Improvements

03-Using Dyntopo will not just preserve Face Sets, but also orient the topology along the boundaries & surface curvature

When using Dynamic Topology the triangulated meshes will follow the surface information much more accurately.


Sculpting in EEVEE by Daniel Bystedt

Sculpting while previewing changes interactively with Blender’s real-time renderer Eevee, will be fully supported, with the fast PBVH drawing included. However, this will only be supported for the regular Sculpt mode with Dyntopo at first.

Dynamic Topology

Sculpting with Dyntopo while preserving Face Sets, UVs, Vertex Colors, and other mesh attributes

This new version of Dyntopo is much faster, supports custom attribute interpolation (Vertex Color, UVs, etc), just-in-time triangulation (it no longer triangulates the entire mesh), preservation of all types of boundaries – face set boundaries, UV island boundaries, seam/sharp edges, topological boundaries, and more.

For more information about the new sculpting features in Blender in 2022, click here to read the full list on the Blender Developers blog.

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