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As an architectural designer or an urban planner, have you ever thought about getting rid of the various requirements of the client and designing a city that is entirely up to you? The idea must have flashed before, right? Urban planning is a highly professional and work-intensive project. Even if as a designer, and a city plan is completed according to his own ideas, it must still feel like something is missing to see the work just on paper instead of being actually realized. And if choose to use 3D modeling and rendering software to visualize the work, the workload is easily prohibitive for one.

Buildings2_Cities Skyline

Therefore, here’s a game that is designed for you! As the game describes, “You’re only limited by your imagination”, Cities: Skylines is a city management simulation game developed by Colossal Order Ltd. and published by Paradox Interactive.

Cities Skyline

The game introduces new gameplay elements, allowing you to experience the thrill and hardships of creating and maintaining a real city.

| How to play

Cities: Skylines is a multi-level and challenging simulation game. It's not just about deciding what buildings to put where. In the game, as the mayor of the city, you will face the challenge of balancing various necessary needs, such as education, hydropower, police, fire, medical and many more issues, with the real economic system of your city. The inhabitants of your city respond to numerous game scenarios with seriousness and flexibility, with a strong sense of realism.

To start with, you will get a 2-by-2-kilometre plot of land, alone with an interchange exit from a nearby highway and a certain amount of money as the urban development fund. Road planning first, the best choice for beginners is to start your road layout with the main arterial roads.

Road planning_Cities Skyline

After completing the basic road construction, players can start planning functional divisions, such as administrative areas, residential areas, commercial areas, educational areas, etc.

Trees and rivers_Cities Skyline

Reasonable functional zoning is conducive to the rapid development of the city. In addition, players can adjust the terrain, dig river channels, plant trees, and more. Everything you can do in real life can be done in this game!


When the basic urban construction is completed, citizens will move in and start living one after another. Then there are related social problems. Citizens may demand better educational conditions and medical facilities, more green areas and entertainment venues, etc. Buildings in the city have various development levels that are met by improving the local area, with higher levels providing more benefits to the city. For example, a commercial store will increase in level if nearby residents are more educated, which in turn will allow it to hire more employees and increase tax revenue for the city.

Buildings3_Cities Skyline

As the city grows beyond certain population tiers, the player unlocks new city improvements, including schools, fire stations, police stations, healthcare facilities and waste management systems, tax and government edicts, mass transit systems, and other features for managing the city.

Buildings_Cities Skyline

Of course, as an architect, you can also create distinctive landmarks in your city! You can build a lot of alien buildings that are beyond budget or difficult to achieve in life!

In the meanwhile, a new expansion, airports, has been released for airport creation. The airport expansion contains multiple terminals, airplane types and can be connected to your city that you have already build.

So real right? Don’t hesitate! You can unleash your creativity here. It is also an opportunity to improve and test your professional strength. If you are interested, give it a try!

| Availability

Cities: Skylines now can be download via Playstation, Steam, Nintendo Store and Epic Games Store. You may get more information about the game in its official website.

In addition, the game is opening for playtest for its VR version. You may click here to sign up to join the limited community play test, ends March, 2 2022.

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