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Tool developer Antoine Bagattini has released the latest version of the all-in-one add-on BagaPie, which is free for Blender. Learn more details about the tool and empower your Blender creation with XRender!

| About BagaPie

As a tool developed by an architectural visualization artist, BagaPie is a multi-functional tool that integrates features like shot layout, architectural visualization, and motion graphics for Blender. It was first released last year and most features are designed based on geometry nodes for Blender 3.0.

Features in the last version of BagaPie including a geometry-nodes-based scatter and a Scatter Paint that allows users to adjust the visibility and parameters of Scatter modifier, four types of array for random combination and debugging, a modifier-based Boolean for quicker object shape changing; and a free lvy generator, earlier known as a standalone tool and has been synthesized into BagaPie.

| BagaPie V6

As a major update to the free scattering, object distribution and 3D modelling modifier for Blender, a range of new generators for architectural assets has been introduced to BagaPie V6 based on the existing procedural tools for generating walls and windows.

The new series of generators in this update allow users to quickly generate models such as pipes, handrail, stairs, etc., allowing users to customize the appearance and number of these models by adjusting parameters.

Pipes GeneratorStairs

Beam WireHandrail Generator

Changes to the scattering toolset include new options to display scattered objects as proxy geometry, and camera culling for instances, both of which should improve interactive performance in the Blender viewport. It is also now possible to use texture maps to control the distribution of instances.

In addition, Bagattini has released BagaPie Assets V2, an assets library with a MSRP of $69. The update adds another 113 new assets to the library and now supports display the number of polys and the size of assets.


Both BagaPie V6 and BegaPie Assets now are available for Blender 3.0 and 3.1. Please click here to get the free Blender add-on and the asset library (uses may get a discount of 30% off until the 23 of March) here.

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