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Get to know about this new optimized version of XRender’s remote cloud rendering platform, XRender 1.22.6. The release focuses more on render experience improvements and is highly recommended for all users since several fixes and functional enhancement have been made.

| Improve Operational Processes

In order to simplify the unnecessary operations and decrease the tediousness of rendering task submission, several features have been enhanced from the details.

Auto-pause rendering when uploading done

Support to pause rendering after file uploading -Parameter setting panel

A new option has been added in both General Rendering Setting Panel and Task Parameter Setting Panel, allowing uses to control whether to auto-start rendering when file uploading finished.

Support to pause rendering after file uploading - General settings panel

The Pause rendering after uploading feature is disabled by default and if you check this option, all the files that finished analyzing and will need you to start the rendering process manually after uploading finished. Also, please note that this option will not showing in the parameter setting panel when using the Task Clone feature.

Quick access to analysis log

Anlysis log

Analysis log is able to provide users with great help in troubleshooting and problems solving. In Submit & Analysis Tab, you may right click the task and choose Analysis Log to have quick access to the directory where the logs are stored easily.

Anlysis Log

This feature is only available after analysis is complete and is not limited by the analyzing status of tasks.

Optimize full-speed rendering

Different from the previous version, which only render one task at full speed at a time is allowed, in the new version 1.22.6, users can select multiple tasks and turn on the full speed rendering mode at the same time.

Optimize full-speed rendering

This new feature is available for all tasks, in whatever status, in Task Tab. In addition, this operation will be automatically ignored for tasks that have already rendering at full speed.

Added support for task group replication

The task group replication feature allows users to quickly reproduce the environment configuration of the existing task group. This helps to greatly reduce the time waste of repeatedly operation for setting the rendering environment, especially for projects that include multiple software and plug-ins at the same time. Users are now able to avoid configuration errors and configuration omissions in a more effective way.

Task group replication

My Task is ranked first by default, and the remaining task groups are sorted according to the creation time from the newest. In the meanwhile, in order to avoid management confusion in team projects, only the master account has the permission to create task groups.

XRender 1.22.6 is now free of usage to all users. You may download the latest version here or updated to 1.22.6 via the update prompt that pops up when using XRender desktop for cloud rendering.

XRender dedicates to providing efficient, safe and all-round cloud rendering service for enterprises and individuals.

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