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As a 3D modeling and animation software commonly used in the industrial design and product display industries, C4D has a large and stable user group. And for 3D creators, plug-ins, as auxiliary tools, are of great help in optimizing workflow and simplifying production complexity. Therefore, we are going to introduce several common and easy-to-use C4D plug-ins, that might be helpful to improve your modeling process. Scroll down for more with XRender!

| Plugins for Modeling


TGS MeshBoolean is a Boolean plugin for C4D modeling. It can optimize the way you work with Boolean objects in Cinema 4D, and make Boolean operations between models in C4D faster and more convenient.


Basic operation than can be quick down with MeshBoolean including subtract, cut-in, intersect and union. For easier access to the features, it is recommended that users set unique shortcut from WindowCustomizationCustomize Commands (Shift + F12), and search MeshBoolean in Name Filter to locate the plugin.

Customize shortcut for MeshBoolean

MeshBoolean, pricing50, is compatible for Cinema 4D from version R17 to R25, requires 64 bit and supports both IOS and Windows system. You may click here to download and watch the demo below for to explore more possibilities.

Trypogen, Topoformer & Topowire

Trypogen is a C4D polygon hollow plug-in produced by Merk Vilson. Users can adjust parameters such as hollow thickness, smoothness, sharpness, smooth subdivision, etc., and make abstract hollow effect simply and quickly.

Trypogen 2.0

The latest verison, Trypogen 2.0, is released March 15, 2022, with the support for C4D version from R20 to R25. Click here and use the promotion code “trypo40”, you may enjoy a 40% discount provided by Merkvilson!


Same as the above Trypogen, Topoformer and Topowire are also developed by Merk Vilson. The former, is a groundbreaking deformer object plugin that alters the topology of your object based on a number of predefined algorithms in the plugin while still keeping your original geometry shape in tact.


As for the latter, Topowire, is a spline generator plugin for creating wire connections that can be instantly turned into dynamic splines. It can make messy line effects in C4D. It is very suitable for some style works such as technology style, punk style, dark style, etc.

Click here to get a 70% discount for Topoformer with code “topo70” and use “c4d40” as promo code to get 40% discount here for Topowire.

Quad Remesher

If you are a modeler, then you must know how annoying the appearance of triangular faces can add to the process of chamfering, subdivision, etc. And this is when you must try Quad Remesher! Just like its name is telling, it is an automatic retopology algorithm that helps to re-convert the original triangular face model to a quadrilateral model. Clean quads? Yes!

Quad Remesher

Quad Remesher is available on Windows, maxOS and Linux, supports Cinema 4D R14 or later and is integrated natively in Cinema4D R26. Learn more about it on Exoside’s official website.

More useful plugins for CINEMA 4D is coming in the way. Stay tuned with XRender and don’t miss the lasted news and 3d creation tips with XRender! In the meanwhile, XRender supports cloud rendering for all C4D versions as well as many plugins and has equipped with a huge amount of high-end render nodes for you. Register now and boost your rendering in a faster, safer and smarter way with us!

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