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Cinema 4D plugins sharing 2.0! After the C4D modeling plug-in sharing last time, we have received many requests from users who want to know more, and here it is! This time, XRender brings you tools that might be helpful for your lighting settings in Cinema 4D, all of which are available for Redshift, Octane and Arnold. Scroll down for more with XRender!

| Lighting

Whether it is photography or rendering, lighting plays an extremely important role in scene production. Lighting can set off the atmosphere, highlight the image, reflect the character's psychology, and even affect the audience's emotions. In 3D creation, whether it is still image, animation or VFX, the number, position, color, brightness, attenuation, shadows and even rendering settings of lights will all huge impacts on the scene.

Light settings - XRender

In the meanwhile, the complexity of lights directly affect the calculation amount and rendering time of the scene. If the hardware configuration, such as CPU or GPU is not good enough to meet the needs, every light adjustment may put the computer in danger of crashing. In this case, using the existing light setup plus cloud rendering seems a good alternative. Here are some C4D light tool, give a look!

HDR light studio

HDR light studio

HDR light studio is a high dynamic focusing on lighting design. Users can easily generate a large number of professional HDRI maps, environments as well as area lights in Cinema 4D. Users may find a dedicated operation interface for faster, more accurate, and more creative lighting, where all the change of lights can be viewed immediately in the viewport.

As a built-in lighting tool, HDR light studio comes with a large number of lighting assets, allowing C4D users to quickly acquire and make simple and accurate adjustments as needed. Several mainstream renderers are all supported by HDR light studio, including: Cinema 4D native renderer, V-Ray, Octane, Arnold, Redshift and Corona. The plugin is available for Windows system 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and MacOS 10.13.0 (High Sierra) or later and supports Cinema 4D version 24 - 26 (Apple Silicon support for 26 only). You may take a look on how to use it in the tutorial above or see more details and download it on its official website.

Light Kit Pro

Studio light types & light preset in Light Kit Pro

Light Kit Pro is a professional lighting preset tool developed by GSG (GreyScaleGorilla). It is available for version R20 or later of Cinema 4D and is not only compatible with its build-in renderers (Standard/Physical), but also supports renderers like Redshift, Octane and Arnold.

With 7 types of studio light, over a hundred studio light presets and 9 different cyc objects for quick studio setups, Light Kit Pro is an ideal choice for predictable studio scenarios. For more information about how to create professional lighting for product renders and motion graph, click here and check with greyscalegorilla.

HDR Link

HDR Link

Same as Light Kit Pro, HDR Link is also a developed by GSG (GreyScaleGorilla). You may consider it as an HDRI library where you may browse and apply hundreds of HDRI quickly insider Cinema 4D. HDR Link will connect the lighting parameter in your scene to the HDRI Link Tag, which makes the application of HDRI vary simple.

HDR Link can be connected to the growing library of Greyscalegorilla HDRI, including Pro Studios Metal, Ultimate Skies, Area Light Maps, and you may find more textures and materials in the same browser once it is installed in your C4D since it is compatible with your local collections. The tool is available for version R20 or later of Cinema 4D and supports third party renderer Redshift, Octane and Arnold. For more details, please check the official site here.

More useful plugins for CINEMA 4D is coming in the way. Stay tuned with XRender and don’t miss the lasted news and 3d creation tips with XRender! In the meanwhile, XRender supports cloud rendering for all C4D versions as well as many plugins and has equipped with a huge amount of high-end render nodes for you. Register now and boost your rendering in a faster, safer and smarter way with us!

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