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Many Blender users, especially beginners, may have encountered such a problem: after completing the delicate scene production, they want to put a few more cameras with different parameters to facilitate the post-production effect, but have no idea where to start.

Set Different Cameras in One Blender File

In this article, XRender summarizes the method of adding multiple cameras with different parameters to the same Blender file. Let's have a look!

| How to Add Multi-Cameras with Different Settings

To add several cameras with different settings in one Blender file, we can get it done, without overloading the memory, by creating one or multiple linked copy(s) of the scenes.

For better understanding, let’s adjust the Blender UI first: follow the guide below and drag out a new window so that we can see all the scenes we have in Blender.

Create a new window for scenes viewing.gif

After finishing the creation of your scenes, you may set the approximate positions of all the cameras according to your needs first, and in this stage, if you change the resolution of one camera, you may notice that all the settings will change at the same time.

Camera settings in blender.gif

In order to let each camera has its independent settings without interference from others, you may follow the steps below:

a. Create a Linked Copy of the current scene:

Create a linked copy scene

b. Click camera No.1 with Scene No.1 selected, and then change the parameters, such as the resolution, frame rate, focal length of the camera:

Change camera settings in different scenes

Use the way above, each camera can be changed independently. Please note that all the camera in the same scene shares the same parameters, so if you are planning to add more cameras with various settings, just keep adding scenes!

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