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Different scenes have different levels of difficulty in making 3D renderings. The daylighting of the 3D renderings is a huge demand for lenses in the work of designers, so it is necessary to master this scene creation technique. Mastering the basic elements of daytime scenes will lead to a better understanding of how composition, lighting and color work together.

First, let’s introduce a method that can be used when setting up daytime scenes, which is called 'stacking blocks' for short. Specifically, by decomposing the image into multiple basic building blocks, these partitions can be enhanced and improved in a more targeted manner.

stacking blocks1 stacking blocks2

Secondly, composition, sun direction, smear depth, foreground processing, the black and white images and tones are all key to the success of daytime scene processing.

Lighting direction plays a huge role in the day view 3D renderings. If the direction is not chosen correctly, scene problems such as flatness and overexposure may easily occur.

The tip is to simply apply a black material to all objects in the scene except the mid-ground to make it easier to choose the best lighting direction. This can then be applied individually to the building.

Lighting direction

The best way to make your background and foreground appear to have spatial depth is to apply aerial perspective, which will make the image look more natural.


The foreground usually occupies half of the image and has a huge impact on its overall perception, so it requires a lot of composition and lighting techniques to deal with.

A little tip is to use drop shadows to enhance the image. Casting shadows onto a scene using both casts and gradients results in two completely different compositional styles.

The foreground

Some cases rendering by XRender



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