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At the 2022 – 2023 Anime Made by Bilibili, the 5th Chinese animation conference organized by the online video platform, Bilibili, a total of 49 pieces of work were presented, together with the announcement of premiere date for The Three Body Problem, a long-awaited animation project that adapted from Liu Cixin’s Hugo-winning sci-fi trilogy The Three-Body Problem. Take a look at some of the highlights about the animation feast with XRender!

| The Three Body Problem Anima Finalized

The Three Body Problem

With the anticipation of the majority of netizens, the set date for the long-awaited animated version of "Three-Body Problem" has finally been officially announced. It is adapted from one of the greatest work in the history of Chinese science fiction literature, Liu Cixin’s Hugo-winning sci-fi trilogy The Three-Body Problem.

The Three Body Problem

The animated series is principally produced and financed by Bilibili, co-presented by Three-Body Universe and animation studio YHKT Entertainment and is scheduled to stream on December 3. "Since the announcement of the plan in 2019, the "Three-Body Problem" animation has accumulated nearly 3 million follow-ups and more than 40 million broadcasts on Bilibili. Today is finally the time to pull the flag." Said the vice president of Bilibili.

This highly anticipated IP animation was originally planned to be broadcast in 2021, but was officially announced to be postponed. The CEO of YHKT Entertainment explained that although they have made a lot of preparations, they still underestimated the depth and thickness of the work, and also hope to better present the "Three-Body World". After years of waiting, sci-fi fans finally ushered in the "dawn" after a long wait. Check out the newly released trailer by Bilibili above!

| The IP Melee

As a highly anticipated IP with unlimited potential, the developer of Three-Body Problem is of course more than Bilibili. Tencent Video, the famous online video platform in China, and Netflix, the dominant streaming platform in the United States, have joined the melee for the TV series version, which has also been previously released with trailers and specials. In addition, YOOZOO is also developing the game version of Three-Body Problem.

As early as August 2020, Tencent released the cast and concept poster of the TV series "Three Body". According to the original plan, the TV series "Three-Body Problem", which was supposed to be produced by Tencent Video, should be broadcast first in September this year. However, there is still no news of the broadcast, and the update of the official account of the "Three-Body Problem" TV series has also stayed in June 2022.

D.B. Weiss, David Benioff and Alexander Woo

In September 2020, Peter Friedlander, vice president of Netflix's original series department, announced that an English version of the Three-Body Problem series is coming in the way. The Netflix version is having David Benioff and D.B. Weiss (Game of Thrones) working together with Alexander Woo (Polar Evil Season 2), and the original author Liu Cixin and the English translator Liu Yukun as consultant producers to present the work. The lineup is strong and exciting. Netflix released the first behind-the-scenes special of its TV series "Three-Body Problem" in September this year. It is reported that the filming of the first season has been completed and the post-production work is underway. It is expected to be launched in 2023.

As the largest copyright holder of the Three-Body Problem IP, YOOZOO GAMES completed the acquisition of the full copyright of Three-Body Problem with 120 million yuan in 2018, becoming the sole copyright owner of the IP, and established the Three-Body Problem IP Development, as well as the operating company "Three-body Universe". In December 2020, the company announced that the development of two Three-Body Problem IP licensing projects built with the Unreal 4 engine will be launched one after another, but the specific development progress and implementation status have not been disclosed by YOOZOO GAMES. However, according to its investor relations activity record sheet disclosed in June 2022, the game version of it is expected to be launched to the market in the next 3-5 years.

| 49 Pieces of Works Coming In The Way

The Vice Chairwoman of the Board of Directors and COO of Bilibili, Carly in virtual form

The Vice Chairwoman of the Board of Directors and COO of Bilibili, Carly, who showed as a virtual form in 2022 – 2023 Anime made by Bilibili, presents everyone the infinite possibilities of Chinese animation with groups of data growth: From original plots, technological progress, in-depth IP cooperation and expansion, to the gradual expansion of audience groups and content acceptance.

In addition to the news that the animated version of "Three-Body Problem" has been finalized, at the press conference that night, there were also "Soul Street Season 3", "Convex Hero X", "Time Agent Season 2", and "Hundred Demon Puss". The latest promotional images of the blockbuster sequels such as "The Mansion", as well as the contents of new works such as "Records of the Seven Marquis", "Immortal and Undying" and "What's Happening to Guan Miao" were unveiled. According to statistics, at this conference, station B launched a total of 49 new content of nationally-created works. You can click the video above to watch the full content.

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