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As the temperature rises, the holding of annual summits around the world has also been put on the agenda one after another. Take a look with XRender about the upcoming industry summits not to be missed.

Upcoming CG Industry Conferences - 2023

| FMX: Film & Media Exchange 2023

FMX 2023

Time: April 25-28

Location: Stuttgart & Online


FMX 2023 is the 27th edition of this film and media exchange conference, focusing on exploring the best of animation, effects, interactive and immersive media". According to the schedule released by official, the conference can be participated both onsite and online.

For those who can reach Stuttgart, the dates of the live meeting are from April 25th-27th, and for those who cannot attend due to geographical restrictions, they can participate in this event through the online meeting on April 28th.

FMX 2023 - Tickets & Prices

FMX offers three kinds of tickets for professionals and students, which are: conference pass, online pass and combi pass (able to attend both onsite and online conference). Early bird tickets are still available until May 31st, and you may click here to get the ticket from its official site. For more information about the conference, you may visit the FMX 2023 webpage here.

| ITFS: International Festival of Animated Film

ITFS 2023

Time: April 25-30

Location: Stuttgart


IFTS is short for International Festival of Animated Film, an Oscar-qualifying festival that ranks one of the world’s most important events for animated film in all its aspects. From April 25th to 30th, the 2023 edition is hold to celebrate its 30th Anniversary, with “Animation connects!" as its motto.

The official has released its selection list for the five kinds of all short and feature films in competition, including the International Competition (IW), the Young Animation (YA) competition, Tricks for Kids (TfK) competition, Trickstar Nature competition, AniMovie (a selection of internationally outstanding full-length animated films). To view more detailed list of each section, you may click here to visit its official site.

ITFS 2023 - Tickets & Prices

ITFS offers three kinds of tickets for public (festival pass, single ticket and kitas & schools), and four kinds for professionals (accreditation professionals, accreditation student, ITFS & FMX combi pass and ITFS & FMX combi pass student). To learn more about the price and get the tickets accordingly, you may click here and visit the official page.

| Annecy Festival 2023

Annecy 2023

Time: June 11-17

Location: Annecy


As one of the largest event that dedicated to animation, the annual Annecy International Film Festival comes June 11-17 this year. This event actually consists of two parts: the Festival (June 11th – 17th) and the Mifa (June 13th – 16th).

Annecy 2023

The former, the Festival, gives participants the opportunity to learn about the latest animation styles around the world, watch excellent animation works, and understand the forward-looking views of industry pioneers. As for the latter, for many insiders in the animation industry, it is even more unmissable. Practitioners in related industries can take this opportunity to make friends with more people in the industry and contribute to their own development in the industry. And creators can also use this gathering to better promote themselves to the international stage.

The ticketing service of Annecy Festival opens at the beginning of June, and the pricing of single admission are available here in its official site now. For more information about the event, you may stay tuned with the Annecy website.



Time: August 6-10

Location: Los Angeles and online


SIGGRAPH is one of the most important events for a computer graphics and interactive techniques worldwide. From August 6th to 10th, the 2023 edition is hold to celebrate its 50th Anniversary.

As an international conference that has been held for half a century, SIGGRAPH 2023 is also a grand event that inherits the past and ushers in the future: while reviewing and reflecting on history, it plans a route for a bold and infinite future.

SIGGRAPH 50th Anniversary

A total of four kinds of tickets: Full Conference, Experience, Exhibits Only and Virtual Access are open for registration, and the early bird price ends April 28th. You can click here for more ticket information. In addition, there are still several sections open for program submission, which you may check it here.

For more industrial conferences about CG technology, visual effects, animation creation and more, stay tuned with XRender!

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