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No Dogs or Italians Allowed

No Dogs Or Italians Allowed (Interdit Aux Chiens Et Aux Italiens) is an immigration tale directed by Alain Ughetto, as his second feature film after Jasmine (2013).

No Dogs Or Italians Allowed is written based on the story of the director's experiences of his grandparents. According to an interview with Alain Ughetto, his has been retracing the path of his grandparents and the family history from a long time ago, and finally found Ughettera, a village in the Piedmont region of Italy where all the inhabitants shared the same name, Ughetto.

And after reading the book The World of the Vanquished by sociologist Nuto Revelli, director Alain had a deeper understanding of the history of that era, which was the trigger to promote the birth of this animated film.

No Dogs or Italians Allowed

The film was produced together with Alexandre Cornu, producer of the Films du Tambour de Soie in Marseille, in a traditional animation creation method, stop motion animation.

No Dogs or Italians Allowed

In order to memorize the history in a more meaningful way, director Alain went to Ughettera, collected all the objects that made their daily life, then back to studio to make them part of the film and reconstructed the vanished world: Broccoli became a tree, charcoal became a mountain, sugar became a brick ...

Like Adrian Martin said, "Ughetto lays out an immortal, cyclical story of love and family, poverty and prosperity, accident and fortune. But the content moves well beyond sentimental nostalgia: two World Wars, the rise of fascism and the Spanish flu epidemic, among other momentous signs of the 20th century, all mark this sometimes tragic (but never solemn) reconstruction. Above all, Ughetto traces the path of a cross-cultural migration from Italy to France, as a tightly-knit community of workers finds itself exploited as a social class by State and Church alike, suffering a galling dose of racism along the way. A splendid, life-affirming portrait".

Like the director said "I have illuminated this story that begins with 'I' and very quickly becomes 'we'. Whether we are Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, Indian, Vietnamese or North African, the past is in our DNA”. This work is the epitome of the times and regions, similar stories have been staged in various places.

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