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Marmoset has released Toolbag 4.0, the next major version of its real-time rendering suite.

The release adds a new GPU-accelerated ray tracing engine, a new 3D texture painting system, a more customisable UI with support for custom workspaces, GPU-accelerated texture baking and a free asset library to serve 3D artists’ needs.

The Marmoset Toolbag is a real-time rendering, texturing and baking tool that has been widely used by games artists and is also increasingly popular in other sectors of the 3D industry. Users are able to render still images or animations directly or bake texture maps and export to other DCC software or game engine like Unity.

| GPU-Accelerated Ray Tracing Engine

According to Marmoset, the brand-new ray tracing engine supports “all modern GPUs”, including AMD cards. And faster results can be achieved the support of Nvidia RTX devices.

The engine makes it possible to generate ray traced renders in near-real time. Meanwhile, with support for ray traced global illumination, reflections, caustics and subsurface scattering, the quality of image is up to a new level.

Interactive ray tracing-Global Illumination

In addition, the existing raster renderer has been updated, with new features including the option to customizable ambient occlusion, local reflection settings, and set diffuse light bounces.

Real-time raster

According to Marmoset, the update also improves anisoptropic and GGX microfacet shading in the raster engine, and makes anti-aliasing and transparency effects smoother.

Features like refraction, scattering, microfiber and reflection of advanced shaders are showed in a video tutorial.

| Surface Direct-Painting 3D Texturing System

The new 3D texture painting system enables users to paint directly onto the surface of a model in the Marmoset viewport.

Infinite layering

The flexible layer-based painting system provides a non-destructive workflow with layer types like paint, fill, procedural, adjustment and processor.

Brushes can be customized via a range of standard properties like size, hardness, opacity and flow, and by assigning textures to the brush tip.

customizable brush system

| More Customizable UI with Support for Workspaces

Toolbag also gets a “new customisable interface” with “drag-n-drop functionality, workspaces, smart loaders and dual monitor compatibility”.

The new workspaces system includes a set of preset interface layouts targeted at “every stage of production” from “scene setup to final render”.

Users can also create and share their own custom UI layouts.

| Free Accompanying Library of Readymade Assets

Toolbag 4.0 features a free library of readymade assets including “hundreds of Marmoset-made skies, materials, textures and presets”, plus Smart Materials, grunge maps and brushes.

Diverse materials

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